Surely someone sees a problem with this picture

Looking at apartments and I found one that has this picture in their gallery.

Wasn’t there anyone in the design or the photographer or someone who noticed something kind of wrong about the picture? Unless of course I am just incapable of judging distances (which I wouldn’t put past me) that oven door isn’t going to open.

My husband and I went to an apartment like that. The oven would only open about a foot. The guy showing us the apartment was so proud of the ginormous fridge that he was able to get real cheap-like. Yeah.

Looks to me like the oven door would open all the way? Or at least almost all the way; enough to pop in the holiday turkey.

Well, I just can’t visualize this that way. It looks to me like the door is going to get halfway open and then clang. It would hit the fridge.

It might be because I saw and experienced it that I am not ruling it out, but my spatial perceptions are terrible. I’ll be the first to admit that!

On a second look, I think that the oven door really would open all the way. In the photo the fridge is bumped out, which may be throwing your perception off?

My perception is easily thrown off! Here is the set of photos where I snagged that one. They’re bigger, so maybe someone can better tell.

No, I agree with the OP. It certainly looks like you can’t open the oven door all the way.

Seems like a badly designed kitchen for a few other reasons as well.

Looks like a lovely apartment!

I still think that oven door will open, after looking at the larger photos. You could call them at 213.746.0077 and end all suspense. :slight_smile:

There are two dimensions that you can’t really tell from any of the photos - how far the stove is from the refrigerator, and how much the refrigerator sticks out from the counter. From the other two kitchen photos, it looks like a near thing, enough so that I wouldn’t rule out the apartment unless I went there and proved it to myself (and of course calling and asking first could save a trip).

Looks like page 7 is the floor plan - if it is to scale - I’d say there is enough room.

Even if it isn’t - it’s hard to tell for sure, but I’d bet money (not a lot) there is enough room.

Another point of comparison is the sink - based on plan/photos it looks like the door has at least as much room as that sink. Mine looks similar - and is wider than my oven door sticks out. Can’t say they are the same size of course.

It looks to me like it would open, I think that oven door is lower and shorter than it seems at first. I think it would be very close, but would open all the way.

Those floor tiles look to be 12X12. The stove seems to be taking up half of one and the frig is taking up maybe a third? I’d say there’s roughly 13, maybe 14 inches available for the stove door.
Just measured my (admittedly old and crappy) oven door. Came out to 20 inches.

I’d say it’s not going to open.

It looks to me as if will be really close !!
Most cabinet and counter-tops and stoves are 24" deep… so it appears the cabinets are shallower than normal.
Consider the tiles on the floor… which appear to be 12x12.
There are two “bigger than half” tiles between front of stove and side of fridge.
Just guessing 5/8 by the stove (7 1/2") and 3/4 by the fridge (9") =16 1/2".
My oven door is approx. 17"…
So…really close !!

Oh I think the fridge sticks out far enough to clip it (if the stove is close enough - depth wise). Those pics have the fridge edge almost exactly parallel to the door - so if the camera person moved to the left - you wouldn’t have been able to see the whole stove.

If it were a one off I could imagine a mistake like that happening.
In a complex full of new units usually a few are built out and inspected before singoff is given to complete them all, I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t catch a mistake like that and correct it before completing the complex.

Using the size of the electric outlet on the right of the stove as a guide, I was guessing 9x9 tiles. But it doesn’t really matter. The oven door is about 1.75 tiles long. Looking at the two tiles that encompass the space between the oven and the fridge, the oven sits about a quarter of a tile into one of them. That means we’d have to have a full tile on the other one in order for the door to open. Not accounting for the angle the picture is taken at, I measure it as about half a tile, although my eye wants to say it’s closer to two thirds.

I’m going with not opening, too.

I can almost see in between the fridge door & the stove in the one bigger picture.

Is the fridge All the back? Could the stove be just a smidgen twisted into the fridge space.

I think it will clear the fridge door even if it is wider than the distance between them when open.

It will be close, something may need to be just a bit off square but…

I would want to go see it myself.

Looking at the one bedroom, the space is similar. My guess is that it juuuuuust opens fully.

I’ll admit that I read the title and first sentence, then went to the photo to see if I could find the issue before reading further.

I didn’t, because I was too busy focusing on the countertops to see if there was a dildo or bong or something. :smiley:

Think about this too: Even if that oven door will open all the way, will you be able to stand directly in front of it when you pull that boiling hot roast or turkey out of it?

I think when you are putting large pots into or out of the oven, especially taking hot stuff out, you need to have the right maneuverability to stand right in front of the oven and get a really good grip on whatever it is.

Somebody call the apartments and tell them you want to see a picture with the oven door open.