Surprise gems you've found on Netflix Watch Instantly

I don’t mean movies you’d heard of and expected to be good and just happened to watch that way - movies you’d never have watched any other way, but they turned out to be awesome.

When I was out of town a few months ago, my boyfriend for some reason watched this movie Gang Tapes on Watch Instantly (we call it Netflix On Demand, but I guess we should respect their branding.) He’s been pestering me to watch it for ages now, but whenever I think about it we’re watching something else. Finally I was here by myself and in a movie-watching mood, and let me tell you, this movie is fantastic!

It’s nothing at all like something we’d ever have chosen to watch! Hand-held camera about gang life - these are not words that make me say “Add to queue”, let me tell you. But the acting! The acting is tremendously natural - evidently the actors are mostly ex-gang members, which sounds like a gimmick because usually people who are “playing themselves” suck ass, right? Not these guys, I promise. I mean, don’t sue me if you watch it and don’t like it, but I found it to be very good. The conceit is that a 14 year old boy who’s sort of a junior member of an LA street gang gets a video camera in a carjacking and records pretty much everything in his life after that - it’s kind of a “slice of life” movie, obviously. I just thought it was really good, particularly since I expected to hate the hell out of it.

So, anybody else make surprise finds?

I was surprised I’d never heard of this one, considering the caliber of the cast, but it’s cute and funny and well worth watching.

This one was also very good–again, never heard of it before.

I love Instant Watch!