Surprise hits of the summer movies

We already have a thread for the big hyped up movies that we think are going to bomb, so let’s have one for the dark horses; underpublicized movies that you think will become surprise hits.

My guess: Chicken Run, Nick Park’s feature film debut. Everyone who’s seen any of his Wallace and Gromit knows he’s great and I think this movie will bring him into the mainstream.

I hate saying this, but a surprise hit may be “Battlefield Earth”. I’ve seen reviews by a few people who got to see early screenings, and several of them said something like, 'I really, really, really wanted to hate this movie. I went into the theatre hoping this thing would be the biggest bust in cinema history. But damn it, I really enjoyed it."

Battlefield Earth may be a success. But with its multi-million dollar budget and huge publicity, it can not be a surprise success. Consider the following examples from lat summer; Sixth Sense was an expected hit, with a big budget and star cast, The Haunting was a bust, a flop with big expectations, and The Blair Witch Project was the surprise hit.