What's gonna be the biggest stinker of the Summer movies?

My personal bet is either on Xmen or Rocky and Bullwinkle. What do YOU think?

As much as I liked the book, and as much as I really want to like the movie, I’d have to say that I’m worried about Battlefield Earth.

I’ve seen some pictures, and Travolta, instead of looking like a mean scary alien type, looks kind of like a puffy Klingon.

Every movie this summer is going to suck. Just like every movie this year has sucked. (Er. Except, of course, the one that you’re thinking of right now that you sort of liked. That one was okay, but the rest sucked.)

Maybe it’s just me. I haven’t been able to work up the enthusiasm to go to a single movie this year… the one exception was Pitch Black, which was watchable. (Of course, that one movie you’re thinking of now was okay, too.)

I was looking forward to Disney’s Dinosaur because the early previews were really great. Now that I’ve seen the latest previews, I’m utterly disappointed. I thought for once, Disney was going to make a movie without an unfunny comic relief character.

I second the above.

Battlefield Earth.

Yeah, Battlefield Earth does look pretty putrid. I dunno. Travolta seems to have long since worn out his big comeback from Pulp Fiction. Each movie since seems a little worse. This oughta top most of em.
Dinosaur… theres another movie thats gonna bite big time. Looks pretty freakin cheesy. The first trailer-great, second one- horrible.
Now if only they get Blair Witch 2 made this year… that’d top em all I imagine.

Movie that didn’t suck this year: Galaxy Quest. Surprisingly very funny and well written. (my 2¢)

Battlefield Earth already sucks. People who waste their money on it are just going to find that out for themselves.

For those who are considering seeing it anyway, I’d remind them that the entire $80 million production was paid for by the Cult of $cientology, who funded the movie in attempt to get more people to read more L. Ron Hubbard. All profits from Battlefield Earth will go straight to the cult … thankfully it looks like a huge bomb.

I was looking forward to Dinosaur too. I thought from the first trailer that maybe the entire film would be done without dialogue, like a silent picture or perhaps with a narrator.

Instead, it’s the same old same old, except it’s done with CGI instead of hand-drawn animation. And the plot sounds suspiciously similar to Land Before Time: Young dinosaur tries to save his loved ones from extinction. And the herbivores are all good guys, whereas the carnivores are all bad guys. Or so it seems from the second trailer.

I can’t say Battlefield Earth will be a disappointment because I expected it to be bad. I may go see it anyway. Sometimes a really cheesy movie can be more fun than a movie that was done well.

It’s like the difference between the old Japanese-made Godzilla movies and that thing with Matthew Broderick. The difference, I think, is that the Japanese filmmakers didn’t really expect anyone to take their movies seriously, whereas the makers of the American Godzilla DID expect to be taken seriously, or at least as seriously as a Star Wars movie.

I guess what I’m rambling on about is that there is a difference between cheesy and pretentious. One is more forgivable.

Ok, this is my first post in this forums so I have to make a good one right ? Gee, i think not.

Anyway, X-Men will be amazing bad for almost historical reasons.

I’ll go with the majority and say Battlefield Earth is gonna reek. I hope X-Men will be good, being a long-time fan of the comic (yes, I read comic books… be quiet) but given the track record of Marvel Comic movies, I have my doubts.

And let’s not forget those overhyped sequels: Mission Impossible II and The Nutty Professor II will be splatting against movie screens this summer.

well, see mission impossible II has marginal possibilities…i mean actions can be redone and turn out better.

but i whole-heartedly second the nutty professor II …geez. looks worse than the first one, if that’s possible.

(i hope xmen doesn’t bomb. while not much of a comic person, i fell in love with the cheesy cartoon)

X-Men. No doubt.

You have to check out the Rocky and Bullwinkle trailer. I loved this cartoon as a kid and still do. I downloaded the trailer this afternoon and my jaw dropped. It can be found here: http://www.rockyandbullwinkle.com/trailer_qt4.html
Maybe this’ll work strictly as a kids movie… but man, us grown-up kids deserve a decent movie every once in a while too! (ie: the stupendous Iron Giant).

I’m looking forward to Gladiator this weekend. Supposed to be RIdley Scott’s best work since Bladerunner, or so the hype goes. But when you make movies like GI Jane I guess it aint hard to top.

Hey jab1, keep your eye out for Godzilla 2000 coming out this summer. It’s a Japanese import complete with the old style rubber suits and everything!

well let’s see…

i think it is pretty much agreed that x-men is going to blow. another one i do not have high hopes for is titan a.e.

now, the new jim carrey flick, me, myself, and irene, for some reason i have my doubts about this one as well. i mean, the scenes from the trailer just aren’t that funny. but we’ll see…

Don’t forget Pokemon the movie and American Pimp.


My film class ended with post-modern interpretations of Shakespeare. Richard Loncrainne’s Richard III figured predominantly. Ian McKellen was fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the rental fee for the last shot.

Then I’m flipping through my Entertainment Weekly, and realise the aforementioned Ian McKellen, actor extrodinare, is the leader of the bad guys in X-Men. I choked. I believe the phrase “WTF!!!” emerged from my lips, shortly followed by “That man needs a better agent.”

While I am sure Battlefield Earth will blow chunks, and Rocky and Bullwinkle will not be brilliant, I am putting my chips on X-Men. Blech.

I agree about Rocky and Bullwinkle, one of those “WHAT were they THINKING?” projects.

Anyone know if they had the sense and good grace to use June Foray as Rocky’s voice?

Hey, Galaxy Quest doesn’t count. That came out in 1999. (Didn’t see it in the theater, but I’ll probably rent it one of these days.)

Well galaxy quest lasted into the new year… What can I say. I’m desperate for a decent movie this year. See it, you’ll be glad you did.

According to the IMDB, they did indeed use June Foray for Rocky. The casting is very strange otherwise… Rene Russo as Natasha?