Surreal Life 1/30 [spoilers]

Anyone watch this?

I thought the Vegas trip was kind of uninteresting. Vince’s escalating anger toward the bus driver was funny, but understandable since he had someone waiting for him. I have to say, his SO was freaky looking. This was the first episode when Vince really seemed like the stereotypical rockstar (hairdryer, string of expletives, barbie girlfriend with big boobs, and totally wasted).

Poor Corey the hurt puppy. Every episode I want to slap him. When he complained that Gabrielle was trying to act like his therapist, I actually said aloud, “That’s because YOU NEED A THERAPIST!”

I thought the whole thing at church was really moving. I think he really was touched by Vince’s story and helping V find some healing was really nicely done. Let’s just say my TV room was getting a little dusty.

Any other comments?

I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who wants to beat Corey. That guy really needs to grow up.

I agree, Vince’s GF looked like an alien version of Pamela Anderson.

The church scene had me in tears, especially at the end when they showed Skyler’s picture.

Who’da thought Vince and Hammer would turn out to be such sympathetic characters?

And Corey – it’s sad, it’s horrifying – and I do not want to have to watch it. I don’t know what he needs but I wish he’d find it somewhere out of the spotlight.

I forgot to watch last week, so I watched the whole marathon – the talent show was pretty, uh, surreal – but again, Corey was just sad and horrifying. Someone at work told me he keeps going on Stern and claiming to be successful as a musician. Ew.

He really, truly freaks me out – I think that’s what someone who’s never been loved looks like.

Skammer said:

The most ironic part of that was that Corey was the one trying to psychoanalyze Gabrielle – at least in the parts we saw (as he went off on her for needing to mother him – gag). He truly is a clueless individual.

As for the church thing, I was fully expecting Vince to freak out and get mad. I would have. So it was a surprise to see his reaction.

Corey is pretty selfish. He gets into the canoe expecting Hammer to push it in the water. He whines about the world wronging him over the campfire. He plugs his CD at a charity.

Like most people here, however, I feel bad for him. He obviously has some pretty big issues.

BTW… I MUST know the title of the songs that is played during one of the ads WB plays.

There are no lyrics, the vocals are just:

"Do-ya, diddy- dumb”

Type stuff.

Just in case anyone here cares, the song is from the Soundtrack to a movie called “Four Room”.

It’s called: “Vertigo”
By: Juan García Esquivel

Also in ‘The Truman Show’ Theatrical trailer