Surrounded by fools in April? kvetch about it here.

I’m going to kick this one off because I got here first.

You wanna bitch about it? Do it on someone else’s time. Or, do it here. I don’t give a damn!

When I was growing up, the church chorus had this little old guy who had the most annoying quaver in his voice because when he was younger the strong vibrato was apparently popular. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to have an inside singing voice. sigh

I am not looking forward to forsythia season, which is coming soon. I am allergic and I really don’t want to spend a month of misery. With my heart, there are a fair number of allergy meds I can’t use because they combine badly with my other stuff. <snorfle>

And why in hell did I manage to get a cat that was not only suffering hay fever, but seems to be allergic to mice? Every time she sharks part of a mouse off the kitten or catches one herself, she eats it and I find upchucked mouse on the floor next to the bed. sob

Was he the baritone? For some reason the token baritone in church choirs always seems to be the loudest and most out-of-tune.

The daughter of the out-of-tune loud baritone in his church choir

I keep meaning to post the update about my uncle and the trust account that my Grandma has.

Lockbox didn’t have anything, and Mom says she doesn’t remember ever seeing any paperwork about the account. Mom thinks Grandma had all the paperwork, which means Uncle has it now. So barring a miracle, I’ll never be able to find the account and see if anything Uncle did was shady.

Pisses me off royally. It’s not the money, it’s Uncle running roughshod over everything and not giving a damn who he hurts. And he wonders why I never answer the phone when he calls.

My sister’s husband has been dealing with health issues for a long time. He’s been using a cane for over a year (he’s 58) and this past December he was hospitalized several weeks following a stroke.

During that time, he was forced to quit drinking and smoking - hospital rules, you know. But he couldn’t keep it up, and within a couple of months, he was back at it. I know it’s not easy to kick addictions, but the news I got yesterday made me want to kick him.

Despite the extended time away from work, he still had a job. But his employer just recently decided that smoking would no longer be permitted anywhere on the company campus. So idiot BIL quit his job. Apparently his butts are more important than contributing to the family finances. And this is on top of my sister taking a 20% pay cut thanks to the sequester - she works security as a government contractor.

So here’s to you, asshole BIL. How’s about your grow the hell up and think about something other than your damned beer and butts? Do you at least have life insurance so that when you don’t survive the next stroke, my sister won’t lose the house??

Sooo my husband’s secretary decided to steal 19K from us. She stole a book of his checks and completely wiped out the operating account for his law firm (he is a solo practitioner).

Fuck you, you dumb cunt… I hope you choke on your oxycotin.

Fuck you, BB&T… you didn’t think it was strange that this chick, who has NO signatory authority, was cashing thousands of dollars a day, forging counter checks right in front of you, despite the fact that in three years my husband has never cashed a single check out of his operating account? And now you think you are going to deny the claim for the money?

Fuck balls!

Some sort of tenor, not quite a helden tenor, more of a lyric tenor. He wasn’t so much out of tune or off key, but that vibrato is of a style that is way out of the ballpark for hymn singing. Sort of like in Victor Victoria an opera singer auditioning for barrelhouse blues.

Ha, it seems that it is a fairly well known problem.

She just got new glasses, she has a fairly harsh prescription so the lenses are moderately heavy. In addition to that, the glasses have the side protection because she is a blacksmith. She is refusing to bother to take the damned things off her glasses for daily wear so I am envisioning them breaking again in a couple months because of the weight on the bow hinges. I know she doesn’t have the $500 bucks for replacement, and we don’t have the bucks for replacement.

sigh Pigheaded idiot.

I am beyond repulsed at the revolting humans whose pictures show up on virtually every Dope forum page for non-subscribers (i.e. in ads for Use This One Bizarrely Easy Trick To Remove Nose Hair, Barbers Will Hate You).

The latest “model” is a grotesquely cyanotic old man who looks like he is about to sneeze, barf, kick the bucket or all three simultaneously.

I think it is an SDMB plot to get me to subscribe, so I don’t have to see such wretched pseudo-humanity. It will not work, I tell you!

But ecch.

If you have an Android smartphone you can use the tapatalk app to browse the forum. No ads but you have to type on phone.


Don’t cave in to the plot. Get Firefox with Adblock.

I pit my HR director, who sat down with me last year and outlined exactly how I need to fill out my payroll forms in order to maximize my withholding and minimize the amount I have to pay out (or maybe even get a refund!). I’d done ok on my own the year before (got a small refund), but I thought with a little bit of educated advice, I could do even better. Clearly the terms maximize and minimize are reversed in her brain, as I just finished getting my taxes done and I owe over a thousand dollars.

We may be having words in the morning.

Well, if he doesn’t have it yet, I doubt he’ll be getting it. :frowning:

This just really bites. Every year, I would adjust my withholdings so that I was within 50 bucks of what was owed, until the year that HR changed how they calculated things. That year, I owed almost 2000. I was sooo ticked off!

Some kind of wierdness going on. Not hungry all day long. Half a bag of corn nuts for lunch. Had 2 tacos for dinner, if only because I knew I had to eat something. Ate 2 pieces of Dove dark plus 4 very small mini candy bars while gaming, because someone threw a bunch of candy on the table and I can’t resist. Felt impared (not drunk or drugged, but definitely impaired) driving home and can’t really figure out why. Get home, test blood sugar expecting it to be through the roof due to the candy. Nope, it’s lower than normal (for me, which would still be high for normal folks).

It’s only April Fool’s Day for another hour EST, so if this is a setup to a series of increasingly alarming posts*, you’d better accelerate the build-up.
*“Are these symptoms weird?..”
“Can’t decide whether to call my clinic, or start a MPSIMS thread about it…”
“Can I call 911 online?”
“I managed to pull the laptop off the counter… I’m posting this from the floor…”
“… Arrrrrrrrrrrrggghhh…”

“Chimera just keeled over while posting. Still alive?”
“After the last Dead Poster scam, I’m waiting til the mods break in and find the body.”

Wish it was a joke. Just an odd fucking day all around.

Last night I had vivid frustrating dreams of having to complete tasks and MMO like quests. I woke up at one point swearing I had been dreaming so long that my alarm must be about ready to go off, only to find it was only 12:40am. More of the same between then and my alarm actually going off at 6am.

Hell, one of my dreams was me complaining to someone about the number of dreams I was having and the number of tasks I was being made to do.

After writing the previous post, I remembered I had some leftover turkey breast wrapped in prosciutto that my mother had made for Easter (turkey breast being my favorite food in the world), so I ate a 4oz chunk of it. Now I’m going to bed.

Chimera, I hope you are feeling better soon. I do wonder about you blood pressure, though. That could cause many of those feelings.

I’ve had several dreams about my online games that mostly involved me wearing my av and typing. For me, that was a sign that I should take a rest.

I slept like crap last night. Bill slept like crap last night. The flipping cats slept like crap last night. Or maybe that’s why we slept like crap, because the cats were moving around every hour on the hour.

I am sorry for your troubles. Truly, I am. This, however, made me LOL.

May I please borrow your mother?

Count me and my girls in as more people who “slept like crap” last night!