Survivor 10 October: "Create a Little Chaos" [Open Spoilers]

The TV Guide summary says “One castaway shares a shocking childhood story in a desperate attempt to avoid being voted out of the game.”

I dunno; I didn’t think it was all that shocking at all.

I have to give kudos to the editors/producers for this episode; there were two moments when I actually laughed out loud - the reveal of Pete’s masterful “chaos” move and Russell’s narration of his bumbling search for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

On those points:[ul][]Pete’s play was certainly effective and surprising, but I wonder how well he’ll do when/if he no longer has such an obvious (crazy) foil as Abi to manipulate.[]Russell. Russell. Russell. I’d like to say we hardly knew ye, but unfortunately, I think we did. And I think you’re ultimately right when you say you and Survivor just don’t get along. I don’t recall much of your first time in the game (except for your famous faint), but you just didn’t bring much this time (well, except for the crazy, which I don’t recall either).[/ul]Other points to consider:[ul][]Jeff (Kent, that is) gives Penner a legitimate handshake this time, and seems to commit himself to an alliance, at least for the time being. I worry Penner is and will be too trusting of him.[]The boys of Kalabaw having gone fishing, the girls back at camp decide they must be scheming against them (well, yeah, they are) and therefore align themselves against the guys. Genesis of yet another boy/girl alliance fight?Pete seems to be looking to “create chaos” whenever possible, but so far is being smart about it. I wonder how long he’ll be able to use it to his advantage, and when his cockiness will backfire.[/ul]All in all, an enjoyable episode of hijinks. Wondering now if Malcolm and Denise will be farmed out by some means to the two remaining teams, or if they will actually compete as a duo at the next challenge.

The editing of the climax of the challenge was excellent.

Yeah, the footage was really good. Survivor has the best camera crew in television.

Yes; forgot about the challenge - that was tense. It really did look like Matsing was about to win their first one.

Then Russell’s breakdown (again) overshadows the celebration of the victorious Tandang and Kalabaw tribes. Probst actually went into Tribal Council mode for a bit there, questioning Russell before awarding the winning tribes their spoils.

Yellow Tribe: The girls are going to sit out this challenge, Jeff.

Red Tribe: The guys are going to do the challenge, Jeff.

Philippines suffers an earthquake from the massive eye-roll of Malcolm, Denise, and Russell.

As much as I would have liked to have Angie’s blue bikini survive last week, I said then that it was understandable why they chose to keep Russell over her. Imagine how well Angie would have done in tonight’s challenge? Would have been ugly, and she’d be out the door tonight anyway.

I was actually a little worried that Malcolm was going to apply the same logic to vote out Denise, and am very glad he did not. Denise rocks.

We’re now down to 14 players. Reshuffle into two tribes of 7, maybe?

Unless they do a massive re-shuffle into 2 tribes (split Malcolm/Denise w/ 3 Yellows + 3 Reds each), Malcolm and Denise are (nearly) dead if they each integrate into an all yellow tribe, and all red tribe.

Woo-hoo! Two self-righteous blowhard Bible-thumpers out right at the start! That makes Survivor more palatable for me.
I crack me up when, as soon as these people are voted out, this atheist always blurts out “Thank God!” Just can’t help it - Og and Jeebus don’t spring lightly from my lips.
Great episode!

Has Russell never actually played a game before in his life? Yes, striving for excellence is a good thing. Assuming that if you are excellent, you will invariably succeed, is batshit insane. God didn’t take your victory away - the other teams were just better. Not to mention the fact that after having several minutes to recover after transporting his own pair of rice containers, he could still barely get through the obstacle course to the mat so Malcolm could start the final part of the challenge. Russell is really nothing but glamour muscles.

Then in the post TC speech, he claimed he was blindsided! How can you think you were blindsided when it was down to three of you? Blindsides are when you’re in a rock solid alliance that’s voted in lockstep the last few TCs and turns on you. Not when two people you’ve never been allied with, but have been allied with each other since day 1, separately make deals with you to vote the other one out. I just think Russell was an awful, awful player.

I really wanted to like Russell much more than I actually did, and I’m beginning to like Malcolm much more than I thought I would. I hope there’s a merger next week so there’s at least a chance he and Denise can both survive for a while. (Or, that they manage to win a challenge.)

This was the best example yet of why they should have kept the “Can’t sit out two challenges in a row” rule. What a joke.

I did, however, suspect that the Red Tribe would lose this one, because they had spent some time earlier in the episode showing us some players we hadn’t really seen before. Carter? Dawson? I figured they were introducing them before their first TC. Nice job of misdirection.

If they lose the challenge, then the TC will be a tie.

Not unprecedented. A tribe of two once went to TC and competed in a fire-making challenge to determine who went home.

Yep. That’s what I had to remind the wife last night. But I can see them doing a shuffle and having Malcolm and Denise head new tribes, alternating picking people from the current tribes. That would put everything back into play.

Survivor:Palau was the one where Stephenie and Bobby Jon were the last two of a perpetually-losing tribe, and the merge that never happened. Don’t recall that they’ve done anything like that since, but then I don’t recall that they’ve had the opportunity.

Barring a rerun of Palau, a shuffle seems inevitable. I’m ambivalent about the schoolyard-pick method as opposed to strict randomization; I like that allegiances/favoritism can be revealed by the picks, but randomization throws even more of a monkey wrench in the mix, which is also fun.

I was intrigued by the person who had felt confident and secure because she had a 5-person alliance in a 6-person tribe. Um… that’s not going to last past the first TC…

And, good Sour Grapes at the end, there, Russell.

Abi-marie is crazy. I watched some of the behind the scenes videos and she

truly believes that RC betrayed her by moving the clue. Even if she HAD DONE THAT, Abi told Pete, found the idol and didn’t tell RC. I’ve never seen anyone with so little self perception. She is a psychopath

Even though her chances are very dim right now, I’m rooting for Denise to win the whole thing. When she said something like, “I believe these are two good guys, and if they vote me out, they just played the game better than I did,” I looked at my wife and said, “you mean to tell me they’re letting an adult play Survivor?”

That was one of the best things I’ve ever heard spoken on a reality show.

Loved the challenge editing. Really wasn’t sure who was going to win it. And the shot of the Yellow tribe’s ball swooping out of the picture past the urn… then right back into it from off-screen. Just amazing.

OTOH, I think the tribal council was one of the least climatic I’ve seen. Never doubted for a second Russell was going home. Watch Survivor long enough and you can tell when a confessional has been primed by the producers to try and give them some interest… “well, if you did keep Russell, how would you justify it?”

I think the best thing to do would be split the two between the tribes; I like the idea of doing a swap too.

In the past, they’ve done a challenge and had the two winners do a schoolyard pick. That seemed to work out pretty interestingly.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they just had Malcolm and Denise do that, and kick over all the sandcastle alliances out there on the other tribes?

Yes she’s had a couple of confessionals like that. She’s got my vote, she’s playing a great social game or would have been if her entire team hadn’t been voted off, she’s good physically and awesome in the water. Unfortunately due to the luck of the draw and her team mates she’s got a rough road ahead.