Survivor 3/12: "Our Time to Shine"

Don’t see a thread, and I vastly prefer individual threads per episodes, so I’ll start this week’s.

Pretty uneventful episode, even with getting a separate reward challenge and immunity challenge.

The Brain tribe is so bad that they lost a challenge that half of another team was purposely trying to lose. That’s gotta take the cake for frustration. Only thing surprising about the vote was how J’Tia managed to last this long.

So, the Brains tribe finally gets rid of dead weight J’Tia, but too little too late. I almost think that at this point, they might have been better to have an alliance of losers.

And the funny thing is that Brawns were trying to throw the challenge, but there’s no throwing a challenge when J’Tia is on the other tea!

And based on next week’s previews, they probably should have kept J’Tia. Ha!

Has there ever been a worse player than her?

You’ve got to think that this morning she wishes they HAD voted her out when she burned the rice, rather than letting her embarrass herself for two more episodes. Her coworkers must be having a field day.

There’s no way they should have kept J’Tia. Even after the upcoming merge, it will still be a team competition. Why would you want to bring a terrible team player into a team competition as a close ally? You’re going to be voted out by association.

Indeed. I wondered what kind of ‘nuclear engineer’ she is. The way she was behaving, I was beginning to suspect she was an engineer in the same way trash truck drivers are ‘sanitation engineers’. I thought she might have the same job as Homer Simpson. But she has a PhD, so it doesn’t sound as if the producers enhanced her occupation title. I’d really like to see her defend her actions to her coworkers. I can see her coworkers ribbing her. ‘Hey, don’t put the plutonium in the microwave oven!’

They really should have booted her after the Roasted Rice Reaction experiment. First, keeping insane people has not really been a winning strategy in the past. Second, she sucked at challenges. Should they have kept her with the Merge coming? (They had to know it was coming soon.) Keeping Teh Crazy would have given them three extra days on the merged tribe – or ensured that they would have been booted sooner as the other tribe members sought to carry a sure loser to the end. After so many seasons, it should be clear to players that you should keep the strong players until the merge, and get rid of the weak ones.

I think they made the right choice at the TC. J’Tia was too unstable to trust.

I’m surprised that the fact that she singlehandedly lost them the reward challenge with her bullshit with putting the flag on the platform didn’t come up in the discussion.

And I’m also wondering how much the producers paid the other black chick to pretend to be considering keeping her. Loyalty? Seriously? You’re considering keeping a woman who destroyed your food supply because of her loyalty? :rolleyes:

I’m glad they kept her this long because it saved Cliff :slight_smile:

I think the two women were seriously considering keeping J’Tia. They were still whispering at Tribal Council.

I guess Team Beauty never got the Birds and the Bees discussion from Mom And Dad.

Not chickens, anyway. I couldn’t really tell…did they kill the rooster or one of the hens? I wouldn’t put the latter past them, really. “Wait…why are we only getting two eggs a day now? What do you mean, roosters don’t lay eggs?!”

ever cook chicken on a grill??? it takes forever!! when I saw the stick (nice stick too) thru the chicken leg all I could think of was "how is that gonna cook evenly?’ yuck

I…don’t even know what to say about that. J’Tia’s complete inability to pay attention to the directions were unbelievably hilarious. They put her in the one role where she could do the least damage*, and managed to absolutely destroy their chances.

*Can you even imagine how far behind they would have been with her either fumbling around the entire arena, or worse, giving directions?!? It would have been her yelling “run to the flag!” and “it’s the green one!”.

Although, if I’m being honest, it’s not like any number of tribes who got chickens as rewards weren’t just as livestock-dumb as Beauty.

Uh, yeah, about once a week. :slight_smile: 45 minutes at medium heat for legs & thighs. But I bet they were willing to tolerate a little pinkness.

In defense of the Beauties, I bet that a majority of the urban population is fuzzy on the relationship between egg laying and fertility.

Have challenges become too predictable? A tribe gets a cryptically worded poem in their tree mail, and they instantly latch on to “oh, it’s the blindfold/caller one”, and start practicing. (Although once again, the Brains show that practice does not make perfect.)

I called that conversation (“do we need a rooster for eggs?”) as soon as the Beauty tribe won the poultry :slight_smile:

It looked to me like they killed one of the hens - the rooster seemed to be whiteish in colour?

Yes, the rooster was white. They killed the hen.

In fairness, I try to block out of my mind that eggs are essentially hen menstruation.

Okay, I’m a city mouse. How did you guys tell the difference between the hens and the rooster on TV?

Roosters have a comb and wattle.