Survivor 3 casting call

The questions are fun. Here are some with my answers:
– if you could hold any political office, what would it be and why? Mayor, because I want power in my city and local politics.

– are you a vegetarian or do you eat meat? Carnivore.

– describe your perfect day; I win the survivor show.

– do you have any body art (piercing, tattoo, etc)? No.

– who is your hero and why? Jeff Probst, because I can be a spineless butt-kisser for $1 million.

– what would be the craziest, wildest thing you would do for a million dollars? Spend 7 weeks in the Amazon.

– what would you NOT do for a million dollars? Skydive.

How would you answer?

I’d answer the same way I did on my first two applications, seeing as how I got a call-back on one of them.

<upon reflection>

Maybe I need to change my answers up a little, after all, one call-back does not a millionare make.

I’l get back to you…