Survivor 39: Island of the Idols

I thought for sure there would be a thread on this, but I scanned through three times and I see nothing going back to Wednesday afternoon.

I thought it was a pretty good start, although I’m sad as a poker player to see the poker pro go out first. Got to give that one woman credit though for seeing right through him. Apparently his bluffing game is not as strong as he thinks—or else she is very good at reading people and ought to take up poker herself.

Interesting that Rob had a better offer if she held out. And yeah, I get that she’s an Olympic swimmer and likes to compete, but she just learned how to make fire and it was pretty easy for Rob to destroy her. Showoff!

You didn’t look closely enough.

When I first read that, I thought I must have had a stroke or something! But then looking at that thread, no one had posted there for days at the time I started this thread. I only checked back to the afternoon before the premiere aired. So it was true that at that stage, no one had actually commented on the premiere. :stuck_out_tongue: