Survivor 4/26/01 (Spoilers)

I begin this thread before the episode even airs on the East Coast of the U.S., because I’m a megalomaniac and always want to be the OP of these Survivor threads.

Within four hours we will know who the final three contestants are. Based on common sense and the infamous “leaked photo,” we have good reason to believe tonight’s cut will be Bessy.

I base my prediction on this common wisdom: it will indeed be Bessy. I’ll set my VCR to tape The Early Show tomorrow so I can see her talking to Jane and Bryant in all her glory: back to full weight and wearing decent clothes and make-up. I fully expect to be struck blind by her glory.

So long, Bessy! I’m going to miss your adorable smile, your adorable glasses and all 46 adorable kilograms of you. But then, there’s only one more episode, and you’ll be in that one on the Jury of the Damned anyway, so I guess I don’t have to miss you too much.

To spoke- and everyone else who has previously suggested the game is rigged: You know it can’t be now, right? Because if it were, there’s no way they’d let Colby win yet another reward challenge and yet another immunity challengs. Hell, even I was so bored I wanted someone else to win, and I’m the one with $150 riding on the cowboy. That’s just not good television.

We all came up snake-eyes on the “special visitor.” Not Michael, not Richard Hatch, not Paul Hogan, not an inanimate object; it was dear old Mrs. Donaldson. I was even sorrier Colby won the reward challenge when we learned the full implication of winning; I wished Keith had won it at that point, for reasons which should be obvious.

So the leaked photo was true after all. And our next task is to figure out who gets ejected next. Ideas?

I’m slowly coming to the realization that Elisabeth is gone. I wish that I would have had the entire two hour episode to see her, but I think it’s for the best. She was losing her hair! And she looked so thin and unhealthy. I guess in a way, I’m happy she’s gone.

I don’t really care who wins now, as long as it isn’t Keith. I too will watch the Early Show tomorrow in hopes of seeing Elisabeth. I think she looked damn fine without makeup, but anyway.

Hey, can anyone tell me at what point in the show the Survivors are usually on? I haven’t watched yet. Oh, and I’ll also be sure to see Letterman when she’s on and Kilborn. Man, I love Elisabeth.

That’s just it, Dignan: She looked great even without makeup, so she’ll look fabulous with it! As Frasier Crane once told us, if less is more, just think how much more more will be!

The Early Show usually features the bumped Survivors between 8 and 9 a.m. Eastern time.

I’ll take a shot (I’m assuming they have one more immunity challenge)

Keith wins immunity: Colby’s gone

Tina wins immunity: Colby’s gone

Colby wins immunity: Tina’s gone

All purely based on the person who wins immunity thinks will be their strongest competition in the final vote. I don’t see either Tina or Colby, no matter how much they respect each other and dislike Keith, choosing that respect over a certain $1 million (since nobody really think Keith is going to win, do they?)

Where can I see this “leaked photo”?

And also, I am rooting for Tina! Hopefully Colby will stick to his alliance and vote Keith out, but that means a sure win for Tina. She deserves it, though. I was rooting for Bessy until the meanies booted her.

Whew. Can the producers of this bloody show get any more shameless? After last week’s on-line handkerchief-fest, we get an infomercial for Pontiac’s slow-selling SUV, and Colby’s Mom spending the night with him in the back of his newly-awarded yellow cartoon vehicle. I know it’s supposed to be a sweet moment, but somehow every time I think of it, my skin starts to crawl.

As for the winner, who give’s a rat’s ass, now that my Bessy’s gone? ::sobs and wails uncontrollably::

BTW, maybe I missed something, here. How did CBS get Mom out to the site so quick after her loving son won the reward challenge? Did they fly one member of each castaway’s family to Australia just for the challenge, or was there some deal to have family members in Australia to greet everyone at the end?

Oh, and GM, CBS? Despite your best efforts at convincing us otherwise, the Aztek is still the most hideous vehicle since the '59 Edsel. I wouldn’t piss on the thing if it was on fire.

IIRC, last time, the winner (Sean) didn’t get his reward (the night on the yacht) till the next day. They had flown one person for each survivor to Hawaii, and got them out as soon as they knew who won the reward. I guess that’s what they did this time. It was the next night when he went for his night in the car. (his conjugal visit…eeewwwwww!)

OMG, no kidding. That thing is so freaking ugly. And that hideous taxi-cab yellow. Yuck. I hope they at least let Colby choose the color.
How many damn commercials for it run during each episode of “Survivor”? A million?

The show is long over & the person who won can’t say until the show is done.

I don’t think there’s immunity in the last show.

If I’m Colby I want Tina out since I want the jury to choose between me and Keith and the jury will choose me.

If I’m Tina, I’ll stick with Keith and vote Colby out and then the jury will vote for me over Keith.

If I’m Keith I’ll lose no matter what because people are going to choose either Tina or Colby over me.

Too bad, I liked Keith most out of the final ones.

Sunshine asked:

I can’t point you to the original, since the site I saw it on is temporarily (I hope) down. But I can point you to an article written before we knew if it was real, talking about how easy it would have been to fake. In that article is a link to a faked-up version of the same article, but you’ll get the basic idea: Could Survivor Photo Have Been Doctored?

handy said:

That’s because the person who won doesn’t know yet. The votes are not going to be shown until Thursday, live. Only a few people know who won, and the winner is not one of them.

Major Feelgud said:

Yes, there is. There is one more immunity challenge. The winner of that challenge picks who sticks around to face him/her in the final two.

I finally saw this week’s show. No surprises. Even Elisabeth was saying how she would have beat any other contestant in the final pair.

Colby wins another challenge. This make it what? Seven? While I’m no fan of the man, I have to say he’s worked harder than anyone else to earn his way into the final show.

I agree that both Colby and Tina will vote each other off if they have the chance. Both must see Keith as a weaker opponent in the final pair.

If Keith takes the immunity (and he’s second only to Colby in winning them) my guess is he’ll vote against Colby.

My prediction is that Keith will win the immunity (Colby’s luck is due to change) and vote off Colby. Keith and Tina go to the final pair. Amber, Colby, Elisabeth, and Jerri will vote for Tina. Alicia, Nick, and Rodger will vote for Keith. Tina goes home with a million dollars.

Little Nemo said:

Well, sort of. Actually, he cheated in one challenge (the rope course – where he took both carabiners off the rope while trying to get around Amber, who was playing by the rules). And in another challenge, the rules appear to have been changed to favor him (the slingshot one, where they were clearly told the last person with an intact plate wins, yet when he and Elisabeth were left, hers was intact and his had a chunk taken out of it but was still hanging).

Now that you mention it, David, I thought disqualifying Keith because he lost one of his unlocked shackles was pretty nitpicking also. Still, regardless of the circumstances, Colby did win an impressive string of challenges.