Survivor 4/29: "A Chapera Surprise"

That was Johnny-ass-play. I’m not sure I couldn’t watched all stars if Burnett had included him.

BTW, I’m on board with the “what’s all this crying about family members BS”, too. Have you never been away from someone for more than a week? It must have to do with the “hardships” of living on the island…

Wow, how did that happen?

“I’m not sure I could have watched…”

Trust me, people, “Survivor” isn’t like staying in a Holiday Inn for 30 days away from your family. It’s physically, mentally and emotionally difficult to keep a mask on for 30 days, never truly showing your cards to anyone. The outpouring of emotion is pretty natural for most of these people – they’re not only away from their loved ones, they’re happy to just have one moment of normalcy.

Admittedly, some of you might not be too broken up in the same situation, but let’s not paint these people as candyasses until you’ve walked a mile in their moccassins, shall we? I think it’s pretty disrespectful to call the contestants’ mental state into question, seeing as none of us have lived through the same thing.

Ahem. Now, on to answering some pressing questions:

Rupert and Jenna are the remaining Sabogans. The remaining Chaperans are Rawb, Ambuh, and Tom.

Near as I can tell, about 2 weeks after the Survivor: PI reunion show. There was a lot of early speculation about Rupert’s health, seeing as he’d just finished PI, and I know he didn’t have longer than 2 months between the tapings.

Filming of S:AS finished about 2 weeks before the S:PI reunion show. There was a big brouhaha about Rupert’s comment that he knew he “could beat that Richard Hatch” during the reunion show (I think Jeff even had to say something about not giving anything away), and Rupert was unavailable for chat and Early Show appearances after his PI episode aired, because he was filming.

You’re correct, I misspoke. Exactly right on all counts.


Rupert and Jenna are the remaining Sabogans. The remaining Chaperans are Rawb, Ambuh, and Tom.


Okay, so I’m a dummy. But my prediction still works because then the Chaperas (less Tom) are getting the surprise and not doing the surprising! :slight_smile:

S’ai’ight. Sorry if I came off snarky, BTW.

That’s a great idea! My friends would get a huge thrill out of gloating about how I’m missing ER, Nip/Tuck and Six Feet Under … and then they’d be sure to mention that everyone in the pool has bet against me. (Which is the only reason we watch together – we have a little pool going.) I believe my friends might be kind enough to keep my dogs out of a video because they know that would kill me. On the other hand… well, you just never know.

I think the people on the show hate Jenna because she never shuts up. She admitted to that in the last episode with the nasty quiz. I believe that was a big topic of discussion in season 1, which she was on – she didn’t shut up then either. She seems nice to me, but we’re just victims of editing I think. I think I’d hate to be stuck in a mind-game, deserted island with a chatterbox. I’d either befriend her or cook her and feed her to the other team. :smiley:

And monster

I so wish you were right. Unfortunately, I think you’re giving them way too much credit.

However, since I’ve bet three weeks in a row that Shii Ann will be dumped, and have my money on her this week as well… they probably will dump Ramber. Just so I don’t get my brunch at the end of the season. Stupid bastids.

I just have to say this is a great idea. Especially if the dogs are a pack of trained attack dogs. “You’re thinking about voting me off, huh? ATTACK!!!”

It seems to me that everytime we come down to where someone says the other folks are gonna have to come to them as a swing vote… that person gets voted off. Bye-bye Shii-ann.

Stupid Shii Ann. She call out the “mastermind” and then votes for the wrong damn person! I’ll say it again: Stupid Shii Ann.

I’m not so sure about that. Everyone knows Rawb is dangerous, sneaky, and apparently in control of the game. But you know if Slamber whispered “Froggy!” he’d jump right quick, as Big Tom might say. Little Innocent Amber with the green eyes and pretty smile has her delicate little fist around Rawb’s scrotum, make no mistake.

In retrospect, you are probably right. I think. Damn it all to hell - Rob has me so torqued with his arrogance that I keep forgetting that the fool is thinking with the wrong head.

Make no mistake, they’re setting Rob up for an enormous fall. Repeatedly they’ve shown him saying he trusts Amber implicitly, she’d never betray him, et cetera and so on.

Methinks you’ll see that betrayal take fruition in the Final 4.

I’m predicting it now: Amber and Jenna in the final two. We’ll see how that pans out.

Despite the most boring and predictable beginning to the show, the last couple of weeks have the capacity to be the best ever.

That is, if most of the competitors (Rupert, I’m looking at you) are not as dense as all available evidence has shown to us.

Shii-Ann was dead right tonight - Time to play the game, survivors.

Nope, Last week was the time to play the game.

But, Rupert is too trusting, Tom is too dumb, and Jenna hates Shi-ahn enough to loose because she can’t see the advantage of using the odd man out.

Two straight opportunities to dump Rob. He won’t keep loosing. If Rupert and Tom had made Jenna a last minute offer to take out Rob, then Amber, and then Shi-ahn, it would have been doable, and unstoppable.

Now, they have to let Amber hold the deciding vote, even if they do wake up and dump Rob.


Did anyone else think “She’s talking about Amber!!” when Shii-Ann kept mentioning someone who is playing the game so well and the camera kept flahsing over to Rob? I knew she was going to vote for Amber and not Rob. I’m only wondering if she thought she had convinced anyone else to vote that way as well.

I agree with the thought that the producers are setting up Rob for a mighty fall. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I honestly do think they wouldn’t give Rob such prominent camera time if he was going to win.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Rupert wins the IC next week and Rob is out. If Rupert by chance does not win, he (Rupert) will be the goner.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t think these Survivors are “dumb.”

They’re playing the game the way they wanted it to be played the first time. Reward those doing well, dump those that don’t. I guarantee there are some that aren’t voting out Rob and Amber because they respect what a good job they’re doing. The same with Rupert.

Of coruse, Rob and Amber are also playing so well that they basically control the votes through a tight alliance anyway. And that’s the way to play.

Pretty standard episode this week. They made an effort to build some suspense, but Shii-Ann’s leaving was inevitable. There really wasn’t much drama - I didn’t even much care about the family visits this time around.

So what was the big “Chapera Surprise” of the title? The fact that Rob got a family visit, too? Tom’s bonehead son losing the spear tip? The “surprise” that Chapera stuck together?

I only noticed it because I was avoiding someone in particular at the moment so was watching the TV with fake intently at that second, but they showed the Chapera flag conspicuously right before Rob and Tom and the guests started partying, so the surprise was that the swag was at the former Chapera camp, I think.