Survivor 5/8: "If It Smells Like A Rat, Give It Cheese"


Spoiler space post…

What the HELL was that?! Now I know exactly what Jeff was talking about when he mentioned the biggest bonehead move ever done with the Immunity Idol. OMGOMGOMG!

I almost feel sorry for him. And I am in AWE at Cirie…those who can’t figure out why some of us love that woman should have some idea tonight.


Wow. He deserves a crown. That plan was so stupid I didn’t think he would fall for it. I didn’t take into account he is even stupider. Was he not paying attention at all this season?

stupidest move evar!

Evidently not…lol. This was one of the biggest boneheaded moves ever.

I think my favorite part was seriously Amanda doing her vote. She was just speechless! She couldn’t even think of anything to say that would do justice to Erik’s move…

Wow. Just … wow.


:smack: :smack: :smack:

Idiot. Moron. Imbecile. Dumbass. Mental Defective. Fool. Jackass. Nincompoop. Cretin. Half-wit. Dunce. Dummkopf. Blockhead. Twit.

Nope, can’t find a single word that expresses just how idiotic Erik is.

I was rooting for the boy. But anyone that can get played that easily doesn’t deserve the money. He’d only spend it on some shiny rocks from down by the river.


I was laughing at how the evicted tribe member ran away from the tribal council area.

It’s nice that James is no longer the holder of the “most-boneheaded survivor” award.

I don’t watch a lot of television, but nonetheless that was one of the most embarrassing and astounding things I’ve ever seen.

I’d have to become a hermit as I’d never be able to show my face in public again.

I sure as heck hope that Ozzie gets ahold of Erik, and either smacks him a few good ones in the head, or gives him noogies until his hair falls out.


“Hi, I’m Jeff Probst, and welcome to the season finale of Survivor!”


"Now, in an unprecedented move, we’ve decided to delay the counting of the final votes. After 750,000 e-mails, calls and letters, we’ve decided to move directly to the question and answer period. "

“Question 1: Erik, how come you are such a dumbass?”

A worse punishment would be to make him keep the hair.

The 3 men are all idiots. The women picked them off one after another and they could not see it. One dingbat didn’t play the idols when he had 2. How stupid do you have to be to be on that show?

Erik…how could you? :eek: :confused: :smack: :frowning: :rolleyes:

Jaysus. Dumber than that, and they die.

If I were him, I’d *still * be running.

I think Jason had already dethroned James as Stupidest Survivor Ever. So Jason and Erik can arm wrestle for the ultimate trophy.

I really feel sorry for him. His mistake was seriously underestimating his standing with the jury (no worse than any of the others) and overestimating his mistake (the over-promising alliances). All he did was play the game *very *badly. No need to apologize for that – it makes it easier for your opponents. They could just have thanked him.

When Probst said “I think we can call that a life lesson”, I yelled “Yeah! Women Suck!”. Poor little dweeb may be scarred for life.