Survivor Clip Show: "The First 27 days"

I thought Erik vs Chicken and the allusion to Rocky/Apollo Creed was hilarious.

Wile “E” Coyote vs Roadrunner. Who knew the “E” stood for Erik.

I think if I found a hidden food source, I would keep it to myself too. Don’t know if I would cut down the tree or the huge branch like Erik did.

The clip show was Erik and Laura centric.

I missed most of it. Did they suggest that the chicken Shambo lost came back in the trap?

I missed it entirely. I saw an ad for it that showed Russel confessing he was a millionaire oil man, which is something I don’t think we’ve seen before. So was this a clip show a new show or a little of both?


Erik constructed a snare out of the fishing net that Galu won on a reward challenge. Hung it from some trees and put some bait (coconut) under it. The chicken started to feed and Shambo released the cord and snared the chicken. Erik was out “crabbing” or feeding at his own personal oasis. I think the chicken was snared after the merge as Russell knew all about it.

That was in the first episode. Right after he told the story about his dog dying in Katrina (which never happened).

They showed Russell opening the gate on the chicken coop while everyone was asleep, but we never saw if the chickens got out.

Now that I think of it, one chicken was featured in the previews of next week. It could either be that they stayed in the unlocked cage, or be a major storyline next week. I hope they did get out - it would be my favorite Russell move of the show.

In the ad I saw he was confessing it to another player, not the camera. Have we seen that before?

No. He confessed it to the Doctor (Mick?), who also told Russell that he was a wealthy person as well. As far as we know, they are the only two who are privvy to this information.

I want my hour back. Seriously, why do they do this? Do they think that people don’t watch TV on Thanksgiving?

It’s nothing new. They do this every year.

Yep, every season they do this mid-way. Get used to it.

I’d say it was a little of both. Some clips hadn’t ever been shown before.

It was all unseen footage, but there neither new developments nor additional gameplay. No challenges, no TC, no eviction.

I had suspected they’d been playing up the “Shambo is a dummy” angle a little too much, and the unseen clips seemed to confirm it too. In this show Shambo seemed very aware and clear, and boldly called BS on every lie the Galu members told her. She’s really not as dumb as they’ve tried to make her appear.

Also, it showed more of the discussion that took place regarding voting out Erik, including how conflicted John and Brett felt about that last minute betrayal. Now John’s recent decision to look out for himself and vote out Laura makes even more sense.

Yeah, I was reminded about the question someone asked in the one of the threads from early this season. The question was how do they justify the clip show in Fall without the March Madness excuse they use in the Spring. I don’t think any of us managed to come up with Thanksgiving.

Yes, but I got the strong impression that he was doing it to fuck with Erik, who was voted out three weeks ago. I think he let that chicken go the day after the merge, and we just never got to see it. Maybe they felt there was major drama to focus on, like the monumental HII blindside Russell pulled on Erik at TC.

Or, even more simply, the chickens failed to realize that the door was unlatched and they could push their way out.

Chickens are pretty stupid.

Don’t forget Shambo singing “Eye of the Tiger”. How many shows can work in references to 2 different Rocky movies?

Also great was Laura’s complete and utter BS reaction to Shambo’s breakdown about her dead sister. No wonder Shambo wanter her out so badly.

And Russel’s ballsy wearing of the immunity idol in the darkness while chatting with the enemy.

First time I’ve watched half-season clip show and been glad I did.