Survivor November 7 "Dead Man Walking"

An odd tribal council, but I bet it was even weirder if you were there. It screamed to me that it was cut down from a really long session(they always are, of course).

Not too sad to see Jeff go.

That was possibly the most insane tribal council ever. The deciding vote that sent Jeff home? Penner voting for Abi-Normal. Unbelievable.

Yeah, I have to admit that I kind of got lost as to what was going on. I have no idea who voted for who in that thing.

What did Probst mean when he said the vote was a squandered opportunity?

Tonights votes:

All of the original Tandang voted for Jeff (Lisa, Artis, Pete, Abi-Normal, Skupin)
Penner voted for Abi-Normal
Malcolm, Denise, Carter, JeffK voted for Pete.

Not sure why Penner did not vote for Pete. Maybe he knew Skupin was not switching alliances. And he wanted to get revenge on Jeff Kent.

The editors are going out of their way to make Pete look like a dumbass, but in fairness, it probably does not take much. He thought Malcolm did not have an idol after confronting and reading his body language {{smirk}}.

Kudos on Malcolm for reading the room correctly and not playing the HII.

I’m guessing it was the chance to blindside an idol-holder since everyone knew who they were.

That really was a weird tribal council.

I’m glad Jeff is gone–he seems like a dick. His final comments were classless.

I think it’s exactly what you said. Lisa basically said in Tribal Council that she was voting with Pete/Abi-Normal/Artis. We saw Penner barge in on Lisa/Mike discussing strategy, so he could surmise that they would be a pair too; from Penner’s point of view, he could have predicted that there would be 5 votes for Jeff. A vote for Pete only puts him in Cochran’s post-merge position of forcing a 5-5 tie and a draw of rocks–certainly not in his best interest, since Jeff was never his ally to begin with. Meanwhile Penner’s stray vote for Abi-Maria is likely to create another blow-up, making her even less desirable as an alliance member (but fun for us).

The editors keep hinting at it, but somewhere in the next three tribal councils, Lisa has to realize that she can’t make final 3 (or 2) with Abi-Normal/Pete/Artis unless she has the most unlikely final immunity win ever. To me, it makes sense for her and Skupin to do the flip next tribal council (final 9) to Malcolm/Denise/Carter/Penner so they can successfully split the vote on Abi-Normal/Pete/Artis. Another reasonable path is to flip with Skupin at final 7 with whoever is left from Malcolm/Denise/Carter/Penner; this doesn’t guarantee that they can dodge Abi-Normal’s immunity idol (chances of her giving away her immunity idol are approximately equal to that of a snowball in hell).

Why in the world did Abi pop up and announce she had an idol?

Yeah, that was baffling. But Abi is an idiot.

Arguably just as important was Skupin voting for Jeff instead of Pete, when he seemed to be nodding in assent to Penner’s plan to make a bloc of six (Penner, Jeff, Carter, Malcolm, Denise, and Skupin). It could’ve at least been a 5-5 tie then.

Did Penner know Skupin wouldn’t go in with his plan? Was he worried Abi would play the idol for Pete and his vague “plan” was to vote for Abi instead? Probably will never know. Really wish that TC wasn’t cut down so much since it seemed to end just as it was getting good.

Malcolm revealing he had the idol was pretty smart. At first I thought he was crazy (since he admitted he lied to Pete, who actually believed him) but by bringing it out and saying “I have it” he pretty much guarantees he can save it. Given the situation I don’t think you could get 5-6 people ballsy enough to vote for him.

On the other hand, Abi revealing hers was idiotic. I think everyone knows she wasn’t smart/unselfish enough to play it for Pete.

My guess is when Probst asked if anyone else wanted to reveal if they had one, she thought he was telling any idol holders that they HAD to reveal theirs.

I probably would have enjoyed that tribal council a lot more if some idiot on twitter hadn’t spoiled it for me.

LOVED Jeff’s exit speech. Funniest one ever, I think. “I made $60 million in baseball, so it pisses me off how MUCH I wanted this stupid million.” Ha!

Both idols remain in play.

On Twitter, Skupin said Penner voted for Abi to “make her feel the sting of a vote”. I guess he was pretty secure in his estimation of votes for Jeff.

I’m betting they re-edited his comments the morning after the election to get the “Obama will only leave me $600k” line in. Because I’m sure when GWB was president, Jeff didn’t pay any taxes at all :dubious:.

I thought they were funny as hell.

He’s the 2nd player to “complain” how Survivor “sucks” this year, right? Didn’t someone say that in an earlier tribal? I think I’d be just as pissed if I got caught out in a crossfire tribal like this one.

I miss leopard boobs.

I didn’t think there was any way that Pete was going home. They simply hadn’t shown enough of him this season to get rid of him.

I miss leopard boobs too, but I don’t miss her raccoon eyes.

That was a bizarre TC. Abi is dumb, vindictive, and paranoid…a sure way to get to the final three and not get any votes there. So at least we’ll have her to kick around for a while.

Lisa overplayed her hand. But at least she’s playing, unlike under-the-radar people from previous seasons.

Still hoping Denise goes all the way. And, I have no idea why, other than the underdog role, I’m rooting for Penner (and I don’t even like him that much).

For what it’s worth, here’s Probst:

Lots of people working the game this season, which at least makes it interesting. I was definitely surprised to see Lisa’s machinations.

Agreed. And loved Dalton Ross’ mocking of him all throughout his recap. “(And how did that turn out, Mr. Kent?)”