Survivor: Palau - Week 2

No Survivor thread so far, so here it is.

I’m hoping that they keep at us with the “twists”

Any ideas for tonight?

Good timing. I was about to start a thread…

Yeah, I hope they keep mixing it up. The early episodes tend to be pretty boring, so I hope they find a way to address that.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the new beach looks like. I read somewhere that the winning team chose a new beach because the old one was pretty bad. Who knows if that’s true, though.

My prediction: Angie will start openly whining about how people don’t like her because she’s “different.” People will get very annoyed. Her team will lose, and vote her off. She will then give the most pathetic taxicab confession of all time.

My digital cable guide says:

the new beach the Koror chose is overrun with rats, and the romance blossoms on both beaches. Koror also tries again to get their flint that fell overboard when they were paddling to the new beach.
I wonder how they’ll try - I can’t imagine they’ll be able to get it up, since the box was weighted. I don’t think anyone is strong enough to actually haul it up.

Not really anything significant, just a quick episode synopsis, but boxing just in case anyone really doesn’t want to know anything at all.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the players and see the new challenges.

I hope this season is Survivor’s reprisal season and it doesn’t end up in me watching just because it’s Survivor. I want the excitement back!

In all of the seasons, the only episode I have EVER missed is the one in season 1 when Gretchen got voted out.

Die hard fan? Who, me? NO! :stuck_out_tongue:

BiblioCat: Re your spoiler - again with those? Sheesh. Do they do a casting call for them, too?

Whatever happens, I hope my Beloved Nerd Boy Ian is safe. Also Tom. And Janu. And actually all of Koror. I like them all, dangit!

The spoiler sites each have a different boot pick for tonight. . Should be interesting.

I’m going to miss it because of a meeting. I’d like to see it because that commercial makes me scream out in pain everytime I see it. They show that guy jumping from something onto a pier and missing it and landing on the edge of the pier with the back of his legs and butt…Owww!

In last weeks ‘coming up next week’ blurb they showed a brief scene where some people are screaming and then they show a couple of big hungry rats. I couldn’t handle it.

We must live in the same vortex. That’s the only ep we ever missed, and we remember the pain of missing it!

I’ll now duck out of this thread since the show’s almost over on EC and I’m Tivo’ing.


All three are safe. In fact, Ian and Tom appear to be emerging as power players with Janu close by. It’s always hard to tell though during the “happy time” - the players don’t really show their true colors until they’ve faced their first Tribal Council. But at this point it looks like Caryn or Katie would be the first Korors to go.

Meanwhile back on Ulong Beach:

Ashlee - Bye. We’ll miss the twins.

Angie - Well played. Went from the girl almost voted out to the girl whose opinion other people seek. But apparently packed in the mistaken belief she was going to compete on America’s Next Top Model.

Kim - Have you ever watched this show before? The first time someone calls you “Amber” by mistake, pack your bags.

Jeff - Kim apparently likes 'em big and dumb.

Bobby Jon - But not this big and dumb.

Stephenie - Is apparently learning a little something about discrete leadership.

James - Emerging as the sneaky guy.

Ibrahem - May in fact be mute. No evidence to the contrary anyway.

(Just a drive by from my normal Apprentice thread)

I don’t even usually watch this show (actually caught a few minutes last week too), but I was flipping channels and caught the immunity challenge at the end. Two words - Firefighter Tom. My word, that man was amazing! It looked like he pulled about 40 those feet (yards?) himself. Wowwowwow.

Sorry, I’ll leave now… :slight_smile:

Well, if that immunity challenge wasn’t a big fat advertisement for New York’s Bravest, I don’t know what it was. Tom was like a ringer or something. I guess it makes sense–firefighters have to hold their breath and lug heavy things with some regularity.

But Jeff sure LOOKED pretty trying to pull the rope…

ALL the guys in Ulong (except James) looked pretty. None of them were very effective, though. I think they have Osten-muscles…

Hee hee! I don’t believe I’ve heard him say one word either.

My team consists of Stephenie, Tom, James, and Jen. All have shown to be interesting except Jen, who I can’t tell apart from Kim. But it looks like Kim is having some conflict with Caryn next week, right? So, all my team members should be safe.

Not Kim, but Katie. Kim is on Ulong and was the “other one” that was going to be voted out tonight, the blonde who’s sleeping with Muscle-Jeff.

See, I still have no clue. But that Jeff sure turned out to be a hottie, no?

Separated at birth? :smiley:

Here’s a MUCH better picture of Peter Paige to compare to that pic of Jeff…


Okay, here’s the pic, saved to my own photohosting site, because Angelfire is a selfish little bitch…

It looked like Tom was bracing himself against the chest when pulling. They other team was trying to only use their upper body strength when pulling. I also think bracing your legs against the chest helped keep Tom (and Ian) under water longer since they weren’t bopping around the other way.

Whoops! That was me, not Legolamb.