Survivor Spoilers, 22/2/01

I imagine he gets burned by the forest fire outside of the camps, not the campfire that the moved.

Unless you’re speaking allegorically, of course…

No, I don’t think so. The forest fire is threatening Ogakor, not Kucha. It’d have to do some serious shifting in order for Michael to find himself in danger from it.

I’ll bet he was doing something foolish when he got burned. Bravado might’ve killed the pig, but it might also hurt him too.

I posted this in the other Survivor thread, but I’ll try it out here, too:

Is it just me, or did Michael, Elisabeth and Rodger have a strategic lapse? Why did they all vote for Kimmi? The tribe now has (apparently) two three-member alliances.

They should have joined with Kimmi to knock off Alicia. Kimmi is a loner, who could always be picked off later. By voting against Alicia, they could have reduced the voting strength of the other alliance to two and consolidated the power of the Rodger/Michael/Elisabeth bloc.

As it is, it looks like they have a stand-off between two three-person alliances. (Not considering the possibility that somebody may get removed due to injury next week. They didn’t know that when they voted, of course.)

Does anyone else think they screwed up?

Regarding the “accident”: Maybe Michael goes after a bigger, meaner wild pig and gets mauled. I’m still betting that someone just slips on a rock and breaks a bone, though.

In next week’s episode, Kucha is attacked by a herd of crazed outback carrots. Ironically, by voting off Kimmi, the now totally carnivorous tribe left itself defenseless against a vegetable attack.