Survivor Spoilers, 22/2/01

It does my heart good to see a trouble maker get what she deserves.

No, no! I did not see this thread title! I did not see this thread title! ::Runs screaming out of the room with her hands over her eyes::

Maybe a moderator could change the thread title? Hmmmm, unless this thread was a red herring carefully planted by an ever-so-devious ChiefScott.

::Walks off pondering (and muttering about the injustice of Americans getting Survivor II first when it’s filmed in Australia)::

God DAMN, Chief! It’s only 1819 here on the left coast!

Not to mention those of us on the West Coast…


I’m so sorry. I wasn’t even thinking. I just finished up a couple of reports, caught the end of the show an posted.

I’m sending immediate e-mail’s to the mods.

Again, I apologize.

Well, I can sympathize with the chickens. Of course, living thier last days on a nice little beach in Australia instead of crowded in some factory has to mean something. But yeah…Kimmy was a bit annoying.

And how about that preview? Looks like someone gets mauled by a crocodile? Finally. I was wondering how they can frolic about in the water and not worry about crocs. I’m suprised they lasted so long without an attack, actually…do you think perhaps the cbs people tried to block crocodiles from the stretch of waterway the survivor people were around? I dunno :>

I’ve shot notes to Euty and Beer. It’s 4 a.m. ClogBoy time.

Again I apologize to the westward Dopers.

The lynching line forms to the left…

I shot an ICQ to ClogMod. Hopefully he didn’t fall asleep and leave his computer on… :wink:

How’s this?

Jesus, Chief. Your taste in TV programming is truly horrid.

Aw, I wouldn’t lynch you Chief! Were it not for an unfortunate skiing injury in high school, I’d be flying off of carriers now instead of paying 200 bucks an hour to get airborne. I’ve got a soft spot in my head for the Navy.

I assume anyone who’s read this far either already knows or doesn’t care about spoilers for the fifth episode. If not, stop.

I was surprised by Kimmi’s departure. Because unlike previous weeks, this week’s episode telegraphed it. In previous weeks it seemed the editors went out of their way to divert attention from the person everyone was planning to vote against. So based on comments made against him in the past and the absense of any such comments this week, I thought Nick was going to be this week’s surprise. Once again I was wrong.

And having established my inability to predict what’s happening, here’s my thoughts on next week. I think once again the editors are hyping a non-event. Despite all attempts at secrecy, I can’t believe that any contestant could have been seriously mauled by an alligator last October without it having been revealed by now. My guess is someone receives a minor injury and is back before the end of the episode. Based on who was shown reacting to the event, I’m guessing it was Michael.

One last question. Why is Jerri always referred to as an “aspiring actress” while Kimmi is always called a “bartender”? Both women were working as bartenders while attempting to build an acting career, so what’s the difference? And both Kel and Nick are Army officers, yet Kel’s service was frequently mentioned and Nick’s is not.

Well, next week looks intriguing. Someone gets mauled by a croc bad enough to call in the dust-off. If it were me, the first thing I’d do when I got out of hospital is to get a nice big croc steak and eat it.

I wonder if we need to start a running Survivor Recap Thread? I posted to the S2 threadthat’s been running since Debb was voted off. Should we continue it or what?

Btw I’m tickled that Kimmi is gone. What a huge pain in the ass. But to be fair, I think her image was purposely distorted in the editing process.

Ok who gets eaten? Or at least which tribe was it; I missed that part.

As noted above, I think the brief shot of the croc, with a voice crying out in pain over the shot is a misdirection–a terrible cheat to lure viewers who want to see someone mauled when probably at worst, they may have turned an ankle or have been bitten by a snake. Sort of reminds me of how that E-Entertainment show will open up with a breathless message informing us (to make up an example): “A sad farewell to a Star Wars Hero,” then drag it out until the end of the show only to inform us that the actor in question was the popular convention-attending bit player buried underneath the Rebel General Glorposompak make-up. A cheat, playing on our baser instincts.

Kimmi–she stank and she whined–she’s history.




I read somewhere recently that Michael from Kucha was spotted in N.Y. with heavily bandaged hands. The source thought that it might have been from fighting a fire.


Nemo, my guess is that Jerri has been in a Showtime movie, and Kimmi is just annoying. Or that Jerri makes it pretty far in the show, and has an actual chance at more media exposure, and Kimmi just wants to slink away into oblivion, rather than be known as “that dirty girl from Survivor II”.

I guaran-tit-tee you that no one gets mauled by no croc. A twisted ankle was my first thought.

Was anyone else surprised it was all unanimous against Kimmi. I would have thought Alicia pissed someone off enough with her righteousness to get at least a vote or two.
And what’s with the alliance between farmer bob and Lizzie?
Got a good giggle when the losers (I can’t remember which team is named which - I’ll call them “Jerri’s kids”) got dusted in the reward challenge. Gotta love the bitch. “Travois? They’re using French on us!”
Anyone else think “Dirty Kimmi” would be a good name for a rock band.

How about the complete shelacking Kucha gave Ogakor in the actual design of the travois? Someone on that tribe knows how to make knots! Ogakor’s looked like something I made in Cub Scouts!

All indications on and are that Michael gets carted off with burned hands (or injured hands) next episode.

I’m not surprised Kimmi got tossed, nor am I disappointed or happy. I am happy that Amber is finally getting some screentime, however. :wink:

Yeah. Why else would they have spent so much time discussing moving the fire?