When Animals Attack Survivors

Who is it? What will happen?

The previews for next week’s Survivor episode hint that someone from Kucha will get hurt in a bad accident. They show a helicpoter arriving to airlift someone, and show a crocodile thrashing in the river. I think it’s one of the men, because I thought I heard Liz say “he must be in a lot of pain”. They show Jeff and Rodger and they look ok, so it must be Mike or Nick. Mike is very active while Nick is not (built a hammock), so I think Mike is the unfortunate victim.

Stay tuned for the next Reality show: Who Wants to Tempt a Survivor?

I think it’s definitely Mike.

What I’m curious about is how it will affect the Tribal Council. Will they skip it next week? I heard somewhere that if you are taken away for medical attention you can’t return to the game which throws out the theory that…


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your last warning!!!

…at the merge there are 6 men and 4 women left. With Mike gone (or Nick) it would be 5/5.

I don’t think they skip a tribal council, so they may end up with only 9 people at the merge. It’ll be interesting to see at least, when someone gets removed like that. It makes one less episode, but they can always drag the merge or the ending into two episodes (an episode without a tribal council at the end).

By the way, I doubt anyone’s going to get attacked by a croc. It’s just a tactic to get more people to watch the show by making you think that. I’d be willing to place a bet that it has nothing to with a croc. The only crock is CBS making you think there’s a croc involved. It’s probably a broken leg or snake bite or something.

I was right, it was Micheal. But he was burned, not bitten by a croc. It’s ironic, last week he upset a lot of people by killing the pig with his bare hands. This week, he suffers painful, burned hands. It’s as if the pig got some revenge!

I’ve never heard of anyone passing out from smoke while building a fire. Doesn’t sound too bright, but fire and smoke are dangerous.

I think the producers were hinting at prolonged exposure to the heat and sun. They are normally manipulative bastards that play with our feelings and guesswork but they implied he passed out from “sunstroke” or something. Before the fire you see him mention how hot everything is and Kimmi mentions the heat. Then they fade to white, my presumption to show heat and the sun, and come back to him running into the water.

It’s a shame. Crazy Mike was one of my favorites.

Former Boy Scout here, and I can tell you that it’s possible to faint doing what Mike was doing. He said he was blowing on the fire, which is what you do when you want to help build it up. (Extra air = more oxygen = faster combustion) So he was probably already hyperventilated when he got breath full of smoke, and boom, he’s down.

I haven’t ever passed out doing that, but I’ve gotten pretty faint. You’re much safer using a plate or something similar to fan the flames instead.