Survivor Voting Scheme

Hey All,

I normally wouldn’t watch survivor but… <lame excuse>wife sucked me into watching survivor</end lame excuse>

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the votes always seem to come down to the last ballot being the deciding vote. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but episode after episode it always comes down to the last vote. Occasionally, in a big group the voting ends before the last vote.

So I taped the 4/24 episode and watched the voting very carefully and realized that the vote count happens off stage, when the camera is not on Jeff. I would not put it beyond the producers to make it seem that the vote was closer than it actually was with creative editing after the fact.

If this has been covered before, sorry, but a search on “survivor vote” brought up a bunch of episode recaps. </end lame excuse, again>

yeah, i think it’s pretty common knowledge that after the contestants make their votes, the producers and/or Jeff Probst put the votes in a certain order so that as Jeff reads the votes, we always get the most suspense possible. I don’t think there is any “creative editing after the fact,” just some careful ordering of the votes before they are read by Jeff.