Susan Tedeschi - I hate her, do you?

In my opinion, one of the more insidious musical acts lately is Susan Tedeschi, who packages her cheesy, over-cliched, chord-progression-recycling, lily-white pap as “the blues.” I cringe every time I hear a Susan Tedeschi song on the radio (which, unfortunately, is a lot.) I just think her voice is grating and there is nothing innovative or interesting about her music at all.

Being the son of a semi-professional blues and jazz pianist, I listened to a lot of these styles growing up, and played them a lot when I was younger, and developed a lot of appreciation for the blues - but even the blues can get old, as the chord structures and lyrical formulae are recycled over and over again. How to make it unique and enjoyable, then? It takes a soulful voice, which Susan Tedeschi, in my opinion, just doesn’t have. It’d be one thing if her songs were more unique, but most of them that I’ve heard sound either like the same old blues numbers with nothing unique added, or rip-offs of Bonnie Raitt songs.

Dammit, I just hate Susan Tedeschi! I can’t see what all the enthusiasm is about!

Guess not, huh? I’ve never heard her music, but the name is familiar from years-ago, through a musical mailing list. I take it people were talking about her when she just started out, but I haven’t heard her mentioned there for years. I didn’t know she was that popular now if you hear her on the radio all the time and detect much enthusiasm toward her.

Ah well, maybe she’ll open some doors for people to discover the “real stuff.” Maybe she already has.

It’s kind of a waste of effort to flat out state how much you hate a musical artist (or movie) that many other people love. Much better, I think, would be to gently guide people toward the good stuff, in a “If you like Susan Tedeschi, you might really like (whoever you think people should be listening to instead)” way. That expands people’s horizons. If they love Susan, and see someone taking the time and trouble of starting a message board thread about how much they “hate” her, they’re not going to think “Oooh, I’ve been so wrong!” they’ll just think you’re an asshole and not pay any attention to what you say.

Flies and honey and all that. Though, if it’s more important to you to state your hatred than to state your preferences, you did well.

She’s a perfect example of that “light blues rock” thing that I just don’t care for. You hit on a lot of the reasons why–it takes something special to make this sort of music rise above its inherent blandness, and she just doesn’t have it.

(Bonnie Raitt is, indeed, the queen of this genre, and I have never really liked her.)

Blues purists do seem to love her. If that matters (it’s all taste). I saw her live a couple of years ago, and I think she’s a very good singer - although I remember hoping she’d add more variety to her sound. I do think you have a point about recycling the music, although it goes far beyond her. The blues form is what it is, but it takes more than I-IV-V for a song to be the blues.

I would just like to point out that Susan Tedeschi is Mrs. Derek Trucks. FWIW
I had the chance to meet her once and she was very kind, sweet and generous (not unlike her husband). So, no, I don’t hate her at all.

I don’t hate anyone. Why should I hate her?

Wow! Guess you hated Janis, too and half the female blues singers that ever sang.No, my friend, she is the real deal, anyone who’s ever seen her live knows that, plus WTF is the brilliant Derek Trucks doing with her if she’s not authentic as you implied? Think he would have abandoned his very successful solo band to take a chance with her??? He is one of the most respected slide-blues guitarists in the business. You should be glad that at least some bands are still out there trying to make good authentic music, while still keeping the spirit of the blues alive for future generations, not that millennials in general give a rats ass about the blues anyhow, but at least it’ll still be there for them when they need it, and they will, down the road after life’s kicked them in the ass.

Just pointing out that this is a years-old zombie thread.
fwiw, I am not a huge Tedeschi fan on her own, but enjoy her work with Derek Trucks and their band…

This would be the only reason why I might be tempted to hate her, but even so, I cannot.

I’ve seen Tedeschi Trucks perform live. They’re amazing.

The guitarist I work for has done several shows with Tedeschi/Trucks(we have the same booking agent) and I think they are great. I would say she has something good to add, it works. They tour with their kids and it is great to see them playing with them before the show. Did I mention that they are really nice and IMHO talented people. I might not rave about a solo show but would put money up that it is better than many a female blues artist have had the misfortune to mix.


She’s amazing. Her music has BALLS.

Any fans care to name six songs to hook us? We’re catching Tedeschi Trucks first at the Gathering of the Vibesand then at Interlocken. There’s plenty of ear candy at both festivals, but would be nice to be a bit more than passingly familiar with a band we’ll be around twice.

I just picked up their 2-disc live album Everybody’s Talkin, and it is really, really good. But if you want an introduction to Tedeschi Trucks you should really pick up their debut Revelator.

I happen to like Susan’s voice, but I can see how others might hear it as grating. Even so, to say that she doesn’t have any soul or innovation in her music is just wrong IMO.