Suzy Kolber is Mary Ann to Melissa Stark's Ginger

And by God that’s just fine with me.

I always liked Mary Ann better anyway. I can’t be the only one, can I? (I mean about Suzy, not Mary Ann)

Who’s with me?

One vote for Ms. Kolber

Melissa Stark’s the one you want to go out on the town with all dressed up and be seen by all your friends who thought you’d never get it so good.

Suzy Kolber’s the one you want to hang out with, drink beer, watch football together, then have all your friends say “what a GREAT lady! Invite her to the bar next week too.” and have them be insanely jealous because she’s cute to boot.

I was watching MNF tonight and a friend commmented how hot Melissa Stark was and how cool it would be to have a girlfriend like her who was also into football. And I replied that if I could have a football-loving girlfriend, I would rather have Suzy Kolber over Melissa Stark. Part of the reason, I think, is because of Suzy’s voice. I really like Suzy’s voice for some reason.

I dig Suzy’s voice too. I like her infectious enthusiasm for the game.

And she’s damn cute.

She looked so cold at Lambeau last week, I wanted to take her home, fix her some hot cocoa and watch Sportscenter.

Suzy Kolber is one of the most annoying people in Sports Broadcasting. The remote is never close enough when her annoying voice and the dumb ass look on her face appear on the screen.

Hey Suzy, stop trying to sound like everything you say is the coolest thing since time began. And open your eyes all the way already.

She may know her sports ( I can’t say if she does or doesn’t) but that does not excuse her for annoying the heck out of me. Perhaps she is the modern day/female version of Howard Cosell.

Melissa Stark

Suzy Kolber

I prefer Melissa Stark.

Suzy Kolber is great, but my heart belongs to Chris McKendry.