Swearing on It's Always Sunny, OMG!!

So I’m totally used to them getting to say shit, asshole, dildo, scumbag etc. in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. At least as long as it’s not a rerun or syndicated episode broadcast early in the day. But in the last episode, Mac kills his Dad, they not only said ‘Cocksucker’ and ‘Sucks so many cocks’ but they were uttered by a boy who looked maybe 14, and he was talking about his loser dad?!! I’m not complaining about the profanity at all, it’s part & parcel of the show (and the above scene was hilariously obscene!) I’m just amazed they got away with it! Yeah, I know non-broadcast TV isn’t accountable to the FCC, but still. I even backed up my TiVo to turn the CC on to make sure it wasn’t a pun.

Was anyone else surprised at this?

It should probably be noted that he’s not just an extra, he’s a professional actor. So it’s not like he’s some random kid off the street or the producers son that just got tossed into the scene with a line so he could tell his friends about it.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what he brings to the role of “Dickish Cousin.”