Swedish Girl "Rescued" from ISIS



Put a fucking bullet in her skull like all the jihadi trash.

She’s 16, which means she was probably 15 when she left Sweden with her boyfriend. You really think she’s hardcore ISIS, as opposed to a runaway who got in way over her head?

Maybe she thought ISIS was a new Swedish rock sensation.

Did you read that article you linked to? I’m trying to decide if your an idiot or an asshole.

I’ve decided. You’re both.

Shoot all extremists!!

Which means we need to kill everyone in Extreme Sports, everyone eating Extreme chips…

When did the pit become the place for sarcasm threads?

In my experience, we need all the Swedish girls we can get. I say give her a pass.

Kinda extreme, doncha think?

You’re right-Chimera better put himself on the list.

You’ll have to pry my CHEETOS® Crunchy XXTRA FLAMIN’ HOT® Cheese Flavored Snacks from my cold dead hands. I LIKE MY POOP NEON ORANGE.

I’m confused. The only skull bulletting of teenagers I’ve been seeing in the IS situation has been done by the IS and soundly condemned. Is this tiny dog actually an IS double agent trying to extend the range of IS “justice”?

I’ve killed many a bag of Cheetos in my day so I guess I’ve done my part in the War on Terror.

That’s extreme. Some might deserve imprisonment. Don’t do the Dew if you can’t do the time.

So it doesn’t have to be Terra Chips to contribute to the War on Terrah? I’ve been doing it wrong!

Why did the article not mention sex? It’s the only thing on everyone’s mind.

While stupidity is not generally considered a crime worthy of execution, for you it may be a life sentence.

"Tis a pity such a sentence is seldom spent in solitary confinement.

Trump’s gonna change that when he’s president.

There goes the Republican primary.