sweet leaf

what cd is the song sweet leaf by black sabbath (sung by godsmack) on? i know its a tribute cd but im not sure which one and i cant seem 2 find it??/ anybody know or know where i could find out?

Wasn’t that Masters of Reality? Man, you’re really taking me back to the 70s. Haven’t thought about this stuff in over 20 years.

Go to http://www.google.com and type in “black sabbath discography”

To answer the question

  1. Master of Reality (1971)
  2. Reunion (1998)


Mmmmmm Black Sabbath. But I don’t think you were asking about them, were you? From what I found here, the album you are looking for is Nativity In Black II: A Tribute to Black Sabbath . Happy listening.

Oh. I misunderstood the question. Sorry.

It’s the first track on Master Of Reality. It’s also on We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N Roll, a compilation of the Ozzy years, Live At Last, and Speak Of The Devil, a live Ozzy solo album.

The New Orleans funk group Galactic also plays “Sweet Leaf” at concerts. My brother told me that he had heard that they did, but it was still sort of weird when I actually heard it. I hadn’t been expecting it, and didn’t realize that it was “Sweet Leaf” until I found myself singing along.


thanx :slight_smile: