SWTOR: Needs Curse-like software ASAP

For anyone that played WoW for any lengthy period of time, it’s pretty likely that you used Curse while you played.

I miss it SO much on SWTOR. Given that the game is very WoW’ed, I definitely miss all of those add-ons…

Do any of you think that there will be a big enough following to create add-ons for the game? It’ll probably be awhile, but I’m holding out hope!

how long did it take before WoW got mods?

I have no clue… I didn’t play WoW at release or anywhere near release, unfortunately. I remember reading somewhere that they were much more ‘against’ mods in this game and designed it as such. I have no cite, though, so I could be speaking out of my rear.

The general problem with mods is that the devs have to be really, really careful not to result in a situation where mods are considered necessary–I don’t want to see situations where groups are requiring people have certain mods before grouping with them, or have content challenge levels significantly altered due to their presence.

This is true to an extent. Most of the mods I used just made the actual gameplay more streamlined and it made it possible to multi-task with MUCH greater efficiency…

That being said, I suppose mods increasing efficiency would fall into the category that you mentioned.

Mods also flatten the skill curve, in some cases quite a bit. Depending on which side of the market you’re going for, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. I haven’t really been following SW:TOR closely enough to know what Bioware wants, but with EA behind the scenes, I’d be willing to bet that we’ll see some very robust modding at some point.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right about flattening the skill curve. I’ve always said that a game with PvP and global cool-downs will never be truly as skill-based as others, but I can see your point.

I’d be totally satisfied with click-to-heal capability and minor annoyance removals such as click-to-sell all gray quality items, merging bags/etc. into one large panel as well as other stylistic changes.

Yeah, definitely. I am still messing around with Rift when I feel like a MMO fix, and there’s stuff just in the basic built-in macro system that I couldn’t live without now, and that I would have called a cop out if you had asked me about them 10 years ago when I was playing EQ (basic macros, mouseover healing, etc).