Symbol font is back

I can’t find the thread that shows what all the different symbols are, though. Anyway, you do it like this: [symbol****]blah blah blah[/symbol****]

[symbol]blah blah blah[/symbol]

[symbol]Well, I don’t see what use that would be… [/symbol]


The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
1234567890 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

They see themselves in the faces of their children, and realise they too are part of the machine.
–Jethro Tull, “Part of the Machine”

fool’s guinea

[symbol] blah blah blah, hey neat feature, thanks Gaudere! [/symbol]

First, the standard US 101 keyboard map:

[symbol]a[/symbol] = a
[symbol]b[/symbol] = b
[symbol]c[/symbol] = c
[symbol]d[/symbol] = d
[symbol]e[/symbol] = e
[symbol]f[/symbol] = f
[symbol]g[/symbol] = g
[symbol]h[/symbol] = h
[symbol]i[/symbol] = i
[symbol]j[/symbol] = j
[symbol]k[/symbol] = k
[symbol]l[/symbol] = l
[symbol]m[/symbol] = m
[symbol]n[/symbol] = n
[symbol]o[/symbol] = o
[symbol]p[/symbol] = p
[symbol]q[/symbol] = q
[symbol]r[/symbol] = r
[symbol]s[/symbol] = s
[symbol]t[/symbol] = t
[symbol]u[/symbol] = u
[symbol]v[/symbol] = v
[symbol]x[/symbol] = w
[symbol]w[/symbol] = x
[symbol]y[/symbol] = y
[symbol]z[/symbol] = z
[symbol]A[/symbol] = A
[symbol]B[/symbol] = B
[symbol]C[/symbol] = C
[symbol]D[/symbol] = D
[symbol]E[/symbol] = E
[symbol]F[/symbol] = F
[symbol]G[/symbol] = G
[symbol]H[/symbol] = H
[symbol]I[/symbol] = I
[symbol]J[/symbol] = J
[symbol]K[/symbol] = K
[symbol]L[/symbol] = L
[symbol]M[/symbol] = M
[symbol]N[/symbol] = N
[symbol]O[/symbol] = O
[symbol]P[/Symbol] = P
[symbol]Q[/symbol] = Q
[symbol]R[/symbol] = R
[symbol]S[/symbol] = S
[symbol]T[/symbol] = T
[symbol]U[/symbol] = U
[symbol]V[/symbol] = V
[symbol]X[/symbol] = W
[symbol]W[/symbol] = X
[symbol]Y[/symbol] = Y
[symbol]Z[/symbol] = Z
[symbol][/symbol] =
[symbol]1[/symbol] = 1
[symbol]2[/symbol] = 2
[symbol]3[/symbol] = 3
[symbol]4[/symbol] = 4
[symbol]5[/symbol] = 5
[symbol]6[/symbol] = 6
[symbol]7[/symbol] = 7
[symbol]8[/symbol] = 8
[symbol]9[/symbol] = 9
[symbol]0[/symbol] = 0
[symbol]~[/symbol] = ~
[symbol]![/symbol] = !
[symbol]@[/symbol] = @
[symbol]#[/symbol] = #
[symbol][/symbol] =
[symbol]%[/symbol] = %
[symbol]^[/symbol] = ^
[symbol]&[/symbol] = &
[symbol]*[/symbol] = *
[symbol]([/symbol] = (
[symbol])[/symbol] = )
[symbol]-[/symbol] = -
[symbol]=[/symbol] = =
[symbol]_[/symbol] = _
[symbol]+[/symbol] = +
[symbol][[/symbol] = [
[symbol]][/symbol] = ]
[symbol][/symbol] =
[symbol]{[/symbol] = {
[symbol]}[/symbol] = }
[symbol]|[/symbol] = |
[symbol];[/symbol] = ;
[symbol]’[/symbol] = ’
[symbol]:[/symbol] = :
[symbol]"[/symbol] = "
[symbol],[/symbol] = .
[symbol]/[/symbol] = /
[symbol]<[/symbol] = <
[symbol]>[/symbol] = >
[symbol]?[/symbol] = ?

Then, more esoteric symbols from the Character Map (you’ll have to figure this one out a bit more, I need to get to work):
ß~€ƒ„…†‡‰Š‹ŒŽ‘’“”•–—˜™š›œžŸ ¡¢[/symbol]







derived from:

ß~€ƒ„…†‡‰Š‹ŒŽ‘’“”•–—˜™š›œžŸ ¡¢








When using the numeric codes, press and hold the alt key while punching the numbers in sequence on the number pad. The number keys on the top of the keyboard won’t work for this. You’ll get the symbols listed below only when using the sym tag. In the default font (Arial), the characters will be different.

[symbol]A[/symbol] A Alpha
[symbol]B[/symbol] B Beta
[symbol]G[/symbol] G Gamma
[symbol]D[/symbol] D Delta
[symbol]E[/symbol] E Epsilon
[symbol]Z[/symbol] Z Zeta
[symbol]H[/symbol] H Eta
[symbol]Q[/symbol] Q Theta
[symbol]I[/symbol] I Iota
[symbol]K[/symbol] K Kappa
[symbol]L[/symbol] L Lambda
[symbol]M[/symbol] M Mu
[symbol]N[/symbol] N Nu
[symbol]X[/symbol] X Xi
[symbol]O[/symbol] O Omicron
[symbol]P[/symbol] P Pi
[symbol]R[/symbol] R Rho
[symbol]S[/symbol] S Sigma
[symbol]T[/symbol] T Tau
[symbol]U[/symbol] U Upsilon
[symbol]F[/symbol] F Phi
[symbol]C[/symbol] C Chi
[symbol]Y[/symbol] Y Psi
[symbol]W[/symbol] W Omega
[symbol]a[/symbol] a alpha
[symbol]b[/symbol] b beta
[symbol]g[/symbol] g gamma
[symbol]d[/symbol] d delta
[symbol]e[/symbol] e epsilon
[symbol]z[/symbol] z zeta
[symbol]h[/symbol] h eta
[symbol]q[/symbol] q theta
[symbol]i[/symbol] i iota
[symbol]k[/symbol] k kappa
[symbol]l[/symbol] l lambda
[symbol]m[/symbol] m mu
[symbol]n[/symbol] n nu
[symbol]x[/symbol] x xi
[symbol]o[/symbol] o omicron
[symbol]p[/symbol] p pi
[symbol]r[/symbol] r rho
[symbol]V[/symbol] V terminal sigma
[symbol]s[/symbol] s sigma
[symbol]t[/symbol] t tau
[symbol]u[/symbol] u upsilon
[symbol]f[/symbol] f phi
[symbol]c[/symbol] c chi
[symbol]y[/symbol] y psi
[symbol]w[/symbol] w omega

[symbol]J[/symbol] J theta symbol
[symbol]j[/symbol] j phi symbol
[symbol]v[/symbol] v pi symbol
[symbol]"[/symbol] " for all, for every
**[symbol][/symbol]** there exists
[symbol]’[/symbol] ’ such that
[symbol]@[/symbol] @ is congurent to, approximately equals
[symbol][/symbol] \ therefor
[symbol]^[/symbol] ^ is perpendicular to
**[symbol][/symbol]** radical extender
[symbol]*[/symbol] * asterisk operator
[symbol]-[/symbol] -[hyphen] minus

[symbol]¡[/symbol] alt+0161 Upsilon with hook
[symbol]¢[/symbol] alt+0162 prime, minutes, or feet
[symbol]£[/symbol] alt+0163 less than or equals to
[symbol]¤[/symbol] alt+0164 figure slash
[symbol]¥[/symbol] alt+0165 infinity
[symbol]¦[/symbol] alt+0166 florin
[symbol]§[/symbol] alt+0167 club
[symbol]¨[/symbol] alt+0168 diamond
[symbol]©[/symbol] alt+0169 heart
[symbol]ª[/symbol] alt+0170 spade
[symbol]«[/symbol] alt+0171 arrow left and right
[symbol]®[/symbol] alt+0174 arrow right
[symbol]¯[/symbol] alt+0175 arrow down
[symbol]°[/symbol] alt+0176 degree
[symbol]±[/symbol] alt+0177 plus or minus
[symbol]²[/symbol] alt+0178 double prime, seconds, or inches
[symbol]³[/symbol] alt+0179 greater than or equals to
[symbol]´[/symbol] alt+0180 multiply
[symbol]µ[/symbol] alt+0181 proportional to
[symbol][/symbol] alt+0182 partial differentiation
[symbol]¸[/symbol] alt+0184 divide
[symbol]¹[/symbol] alt+0185 not equal to
[symbol]º[/symbol] alt+0186 equivalent to
[symbol]»[/symbol] alt+0187 approximately equal to
[symbol]¼[/symbol] alt+0188 ellipsis
[symbol]½[/symbol] alt+0189 vertical arrow extender
[symbol]¾[/symbol] alt+0190 horizontal arrow extender
[symbol]¿[/symbol] alt+0191 carriage return symbol
[symbol]À[/symbol] alt+0192 Hebrew aleph
[symbol]Á[/symbol] alt+0193 I-fraktur
[symbol]Â[/symbol] alt+0194 R-fraktur
[symbol]Ã[/symbol] alt+0195 Weierstrass (script P)
[symbol]Ä[/symbol] alt+0196 circle multiply
[symbol]Å[/symbol] alt+0197 circle plus
[symbol]Æ[/symbol] alt+0198 null set
[symbol]Ç[/symbol] alt+0199 intersection of
[symbol]È[/symbol] alt+0200 union of
[symbol]É[/symbol] alt+0201 proper subset of
[symbol]Ê[/symbol] alt+0202 reflex superset of
[symbol]Ë[/symbol] alt+0203 not a subset of
[symbol]Ì[/symbol] alt+0204 proper subset of
[symbol]Í[/symbol] alt+0205 reflex subset of
[symbol]Î[/symbol] alt+0206 element of
[symbol]Ï[/symbol] alt+0207 not an element of
[symbol]Ð[/symbol] alt+0208 angle
[symbol]Ñ[/symbol] alt+0209 nabla (gradient of)
[symbol]Ò[/symbol] alt+0210 registered serif
[symbol]Ó[/symbol] alt+0211 copyright serif
[symbol]Ô[/symbol] alt+0212 trademark serif
[symbol]Õ[/symbol] alt+0213 product of
[symbol]Ö[/symbol] alt+0214 radical (square root)
[symbol]×[/symbol] alt+0215 dot product
[symbol]Ø[/symbol] alt+0216 logical not
[symbol]Ù[/symbol] alt+0217 logical and
[symbol]Ú[/symbol] alt+0218 logical or
[symbol]Û[/symbol] alt+0219 double arrow left and right
[symbol]Ü[/symbol] alt+0220 double arrow left
[symbol]Ý[/symbol] alt+0221 double arrow up
[symbol]Þ[/symbol] alt+0222 double arrow right
[symbol]ß[/symbol] alt+0223 double arrow down
[symbol]à[/symbol] alt+0224 lozenge
[symbol]á[/symbol] alt+0225 left angle bracket
[symbol]â[/symbol] alt+0226 registered sans serif
[symbol]ã[/symbol] alt+0227copyright sans serif
[symbol]ä[/symbol] alt+0228 tradmark sans serif
[symbol]å[/symbol] alt+0229 Summation of
[symbol]æ[/symbol] alt+0230 large left parenthesis top
[symbol]ç[/symbol] alt+0231 large left parenthesis middle
[symbol]è[/symbol] alt+0232 large left parenthesis bottom
[symbol]é[/symbol] alt+0233 large left bracket top
[symbol]ê[/symbol] alt+0234 large left bracket middle
[symbol]ë[/symbol] alt+0235 large left bracket bottom
[symbol]ì[/symbol] alt+0236 large left brace top
[symbol]í[/symbol] alt+0237 large left brace middle
[symbol]î[/symbol] alt+0238 large left brace bottom
[symbol]ï[/symbol] alt+0239 brace extender
[symbol]ñ[/symbol] alt+0241 right angle bracket
[symbol]ò[/symbol] alt+0242 integral
[symbol]ó[/symbol] alt+0243 large integral top
[symbol]ô[/symbol] alt+0244 large integral middle
[symbol]õ[/symbol] alt+0245 large integral bottom
[symbol]ö[/symbol] alt+0246 large right parenthesis top
[symbol]÷[/symbol] alt+0247 large right parenthesis middle
[symbol]ø[/symbol] alt+0248 large right parenthesis bottom
[symbol]ù[/symbol] alt+0249 large right bracket top
[symbol]ú[/symbol] alt+0250 large right bracket middle
[symbol]û[/symbol] alt+0251 large right bracket bottom
[symbol]ü[/symbol] alt+0252 large right brace top
[symbol]ý[/symbol] alt+0253 large right brace middle
[symbol]þ[/symbol] alt+0254 large right brace bottom

[symbol]I love my friends, and I spoil all the little kids, especially David![/symbol]

Is there a schwa in there somewhere?

Didn’t we use to be able to do this with just a [****sym][/sym] pair without having to spell the whole word out?

– Signed, A Lazy Duck.

I think you’re right, Why A Duck. But as we all know, typing builds character.


The Clique[symbol]Ô[/symbol]

The Clique[symbol]ä[/symbol]

The Clique[symbol]Ô[/symbol]

The Clique[symbol]ä[/symbol]


j is the Eternal Universal Constant!

All is in harmonics with j!