synergistically repurpose ethical relationships


is corporate-speak for Improve Office Morale according to The Corporate BS Generator

Have fun creating your own Corporate speak for your office!

There’s several “mission statement generators” online that are quite amusing.

Generating and enforcing such things are job-creators, in an economy in which manufactured gods are all made abroad and all paperwork is done by computers and all tasks are performed by robots.

“Globally simplify unique relationships”. I am not exactly sure what that means but I suspect it means that a whole bunch of people are getting fired.

“Quickly re-engineer interdependent supply chains”. I am fairly certain I could actually use this one at work without anyone batting an eye.

If their gods are all made abroad, why do people continue to worship them?


" ‘Synergistically’ was probably a whore from the start."

“And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made.”
[indent]-- Simon and Garfunkel[/indent]

Couldn’t happen in Christian America!

Could it?