Syrupy Nostalgia: What TV shows do you miss?

Due South - Why didn’t I tape them when TNT was showing them? Why did TNT yank the show when it finally occurred to me to start taping them?

Nothing Sacred - A show that reminded me of what I felt when I was still a Catholic. Given a deadly timeslot and yanked suddenly with many episodes unaired. I know I was the only one watching it, but somebody show it again.

Cupid - This brilliant show can’t last one season, but Dharma And Greg and that stupid “Two Morons, A Chick, And A Gimmick Title” show last three? ABC, you deserve your sorry ratings.

The Rockford Files - When I was little, I would watch this with my dad, it was our show. For that hour, the universe seemed in harmony to my little mind. Plus the writing and acting still hold up when I watch it grown up.

The John Larroquette Show - First season only. Dark, cynical, intelligent, and goddamned funny.

Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine has stellar last seasons so it was sad to see them go.

Seinfeld still funnier in reruns than most new shows.

The Tick the cool animated one. Spoon!


Noggin the Nog
The Water Margin

I want to buy a retirement home in Trumpton.

Family Ties
The Wonder Years
The Adventures of Pete and Pete
(I fear there will never be another show that make me laugh out loud)
(remember Clarence the cross-eyd lion?)
The X-Files (already)
Wild Wild West
The Banana Splits

Early Edition.
So sue me.
Where the hell did the paper comefrom?

Space: Above and Beyond.
The Chronicle.

Brisco County, Jr.- sure, they painted themselves into a corner at the end of the first season, but damn it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Strange Luck- only one season, but boy was that a fun show. The series opener, where Chance paid for his lunch as usual, by winning scratch-offs, defined the show for me.

Once and Again- I only got to see three of the few episodes they made… why can’t shows like this last?

Sliders- well, okay, I liked the idea of this show. The actual implementation kinda sucked, but it was fun. 'Til they got rid of Wade, that is. Bastards. It was all downhill from there.

The Transformers and G.I. Joe. Note to Rhino–nostalgic 20-somethings have money and we spend it! How about another TF DVD box set? We are your audience, and we did (and will) pay for more TF and GI Joe.

Now how did I forget “Dark Angel” when I posted yesterday?

I also miss “Now and Again” (not to be confused with “Once and Again”) and “Maybe It’s Me.” “Maybe It’s Me” gets canceled and “Yes, Dear” stays on the air? Unbelievable.

I knew you folks would remind me of more shows I miss.

And how about “Eerie, Indiana”?

Plus -

The Others
Dead Last
Rocky and His Friends
The Bulwinkle Show
George of the Jungle
The Dudley Do-Right Show

Night Court.

A lot of the shows already mentioned, and:
Sports Night

I was just thinking about this the other day, I’d like to see Peter Gunn again, just 'cause he was so cool.

Does anyone remember Adventures in Paradise starring Gardner McKay? I loved that show when I was a kid.

I’ll second Brimstone.

In the same vein: The Visitor, GvsE (Good vs Evil), Dark Skies (of course, the untimely death of J.T. Walsh would have ruined the show, he played the mean bastard quite well)

The War Next Door-

It was a USA original series about a Super Secret Agent whose Archvillain moves in next door and disrupts his suburban existence. Just about every episode would end with either the Archvillain getting killed by one of his schemes or both Hero and Villain dying… Only to return next week without any explanation. It was a solid B- grade show, but I loved the concept.


I loved this show at first but the farther they got from dealing with the immediate post-war stuff the less interested I got.
I do remember liking the “I married a communist” storyline which if memory serves was later into the show.

You Can’t Do that on Television-

Nickelodeon has all but forgotten the legacy this show created for them. Most kids don’t even know where the green slime came from. Anyone else fondly remember the Arcade and Barf’s Burgers?

December Bride
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
My LIttle Margie
General Electric Theater
Have Gun Will Travel
Your show of shows
Philco TV Playhouse
Kraft Television Theater
Armstrong Circle Theater
Amos and Andy
The Phil Silvers Show

What can I say. I’m old. And just for RTF: I beat you to it this time.


Like to add
Beavis and Butthead
Liquid Television
The State

Liquid Television is back, in spirit at least, in the form of Eye Drops on TechTV.

Oh, my god. Not only did I watch this show, but I watched it with my father!

In addition to many of the shows already mentioned:
[li]The Pretender[/li][li]Nightmare Cafe[/li][li]Forever Knight[/li][li]Earth 2[/li][li]V: the Series[/li][li]Hardcastle and McCormick[/li][li]Starman[/li][li]Voyagers[/li][li]Some show about a guy with a futuristic motorcycle[/li][li]Stingray[/li][/ul]

[sub]I’d watch pretty much anything SF related, no matter how bad.[/sub]

Barney Miller

Remember the episode where they paid tribute to Jack Soo? An outstanding episode of an outstanding series.

Yes, that was a fun show. I was on the backlot of Universal (visiting a friend) and saw a bit of the set, with the plane. Yippee.

Shadowchasers with Trevor Eve and Dennis Dugan.

Great show. Funny. I have all eps. on tape, including some that were not shown on the network. Apparently it was cancelled before all eps. were shown, but when it was shown on military installations, all eps. were shown. A friend of a friend stationed in Iceland taped the “lost” episodes for me.

Why yes, I am a geek.

IT DID NOT SUCK. It was funny. It was supposed to be absurd. It was a take-off on other shows. It was great. I used to watch this show with film geeks (including a screenwriter) and they caught all sorts of subtleties and “in jokes” in it. Me—all I know is I love it.

Others I miss:* Due South* (there’s a rash of us Due South fans!)
VR5 Cut off too soon. (Will Patton—sigh.)
Now and Again (or is it “Once and Again”?) Anyway, the one with Margaret Colon and “Wiseman”. You know the one. The one that was so damned good and cancelled too soon and the damned Sci Fi Channel couldn’t even rerun all the episodes damn them.

That is all for now.

Thought of some more:

Johnny Bago. Damn, that was funny. So of course they had to cancel it as soon as they could.

The Famous Teddy Z. Funny satire of the Hollywood system. John Cryer was great as Teddy Z, Newbie Hollywood Agent, but the guy who played Al Floss (whose name escapes me for a moment) was fabulous as a scum-sucking agent.