T-1000 vs. Agent Smith

Skynet has discovered the existence of another timeline existing parallel to its own, one in which an entirely different breed of machine has taken control of Earth, but which shares the problem of tenacious humans rebelling against the new order and refusing to give in.

Using modified time-travel technology Skynet sends a T-1000 into this other reality as its representative in the hopes of forming some sort of alliance. The T-1000 hacks into the Matrix, entering as a free-roaming virus in the system that possesses all the abilities of an actual T-1000 in the real world.

T-1000 arranges a meeting with several Agents, who are naturall skeptical about this new arrival. They inform the T-1000 that they will consider his proposal only if he eliminates a thorn in their side, a rogue Agent with his own agenda who has been getting in the way of their plans and causing serious problems.

So, who wins, the Amazing Self-Replicating Agent Smith, or the implacable T-1000?

And the first person to bring up Batman and his level of preperation will get such a smack . . .

What about Neo? Is he prepared?

And Smith would win, of course, since he is at least partially free of real world physics. T-1000 is not.

Not necessarily. Unless Agent Smith figures out T-1000’s vulnerability to extremes of heat and cold, there’s no reason T-1000 couldn’t just keep killing Smith-clones until there’s none left. There are a lot of possibilities inherent in T-1000’s infinitely malleable liquid metal form that were never really explored in T2.

There is nothing in “The Matrix” to suggest that Agent Smith or his clones can be killed at all. Even Neo has been unable to kill him.

Not true. In the Matrix we see that those who host the Agents can be killed. The program survives to jump to a new host, but the host itself can be killed.

We know that Smith can now replicate himself, with each replica apparently being an exact duplicate so that as long as duplicates exist Smith exists, even if the “original” is destroyed. However, logically is there any difference between a host who has been taken over by the Agent Smith program and one has been infected by the Smith virus? There’s no reason to think the Smith clones can’t be killed. The big fight scene between Neo and Smith in Reloaded is inconclusive evidence because no firearms were involved and ultimately, no killing force was used by Neo. (In fact, the entire fight was pointless since Neo could have flown away any time he wanted to, but that’s not really pertinent to this discussion.)

It may be supposition on my part to assume Smith can be killed, but it’s also supposition on your part to assume he cannot. We simply do not know if this new Smith can be destroyed or not. The only thing I can say for certain is that The Matrix Revolutions will probably answer the question once and for all.

However, for the purposes of this fight, I say that the clones can be destroyed, as can Agent Smith. If T-1000 can destroy the original along with every existing copt then he wins.

And doesn’t Smith just need to touch the T1000 and absorb him? It’s a cakewalk for the agent.

He’d need to get a few of his friends to hold T-1000 down, then try to infect him, as Smith did with Neo. Of course, anyone who tries to hold down a T-1000 (or even get close) should get a quick spike in the head. Dodge bullets all you want, you still won’t be able to lay a hand on him without getting speared.

T-1000 still exists inside the Matrix. Assume for the moment that his interface is similar to those of Matrix-bound humans. That is, if killed, unlike Agents or truly liberated humans, such as Neo, if the T-1000 “avatar” is killed, so is T-1000, no coming back.

Smith has the advatage. Not only are there potentially millions of him, all with super-human fighting abilities and attributes, he can even escape the Matrix entirely, by posessing a Zionist, and perhaps mount an assault on T-1000’s dormant form (if any). Yes, Smith will need to use other strategies than the hand-to-hand he seems to favor in his present incarnation, but as long as he keeps a few spares in reserve, he’ll stumble upon the tempreture sensitivity eventually. Do the Smiths have soem kind of telepathy between them? Or are they just really good planners? either way, unless Smith sends in all the troops at once, or T-1000 forces such a confrontation, they;ll get him sooner or later.

We must ask ourselves, however, if T-1000 is capable of the same philosophical leaps the Zionists are. It has two advatages, it starts with teh knowledge that the Matrix is a program, and is a machine, and thus not emotionally attatched to reality, or wanting to accept the more pleasant version of reality. On the other hand, it may also be incapable of teh creativity, and emotional processes needed to hack the Matrix. Imagine T-1000 moving in Bullet time, or deleting programs, hell, cities, wholesale. That could stop Smith. Not liquid metal, but Neo with the single-mindedness of a Terminator.

Exactly. Tthe original Smith is apparently the only one who can infect others, and if he tries to get close enough to the T-1000 to infect him he’ll get a headful of spikes. Once the original is out of the picture, it’s just a matter of cleaning up the stragglers.

Fibber, where do you get that? I think all Smiths have the duplication power.

Really? I’ve only seen Reloaded just the once, and was fighting sleep for most of the viewing time.

At any rate, if all Smiths can infect others that would certainly make it harder to destroy them all, but the fact remains any who try getting close enough to T-1000 to infect him will get impaled.

T-1000 doesn’t really need to hack the Matrix as it already has all of the abilities inherent in its liquid metal form, albeit translated into a digital avatar.

At any rate, where do get that there’s emotion involved in the process of hacking the Matrix? As far as I can tell, it’s just a matter of knowing what the Matrix is and having enough of a knowledge about how it and computers in general work to mess around with the program. T-1000 might not be able to mess with the physics of the Matrix on the level Neo does, but I see no reason he couldn’t do all the bullet-dodging, wire-fu type stuff on top of its already considerable abilities.

There’s no reason to believe this. Thus far, there appears to be no difference between Smiths - they are all the same system.

In any event, although the T-1000 is tough to kill, Smith can eventually take him down, since the T-1000 cannot respind in any way at all. All Smith needs is a few seconds, once, ever, and terminator loses. The T-1000 shows the actual combat abilties of a drunken toddler. it relies on brute force - which is nice, but counterable by a greater force.

Plus, I’m guessing that all Smith needs to do is go up to the Terminator and stab it with his hand, and it would be infected and cloned; SMith wouldn’t need to hold it down, just keep his infection going. Plus plus [sic] I seriously doubt the T-1k could use its morphing abilities in the Matrix and even more seriously doubt the t-1k could hack it.

Good question. What if the T-1000 just took the form of an Smith and used that stealth to take them out? He could potentially get the other Smiths to fight themselves while he provided some head spikes here and there.

The key here is how quickly the Smiths realize that the T1000 is there, and what it is. A T1000 is not designed for straight-up combat; for that you use 800s or even 100s (battle chassis without skin covering). The 1000 is first and foremost a covert infiltrator. If the Smiths can somehow tell the difference between genuine humans and machines masquerading as humans (which seems likely), then the terminator’s number one advantage is nullified, and it’s an easy win for even a single Smith. But if Termie can stay covert and has the patience to work slowly, then it has a chance.

As for Smith’s replication abilities: In the big fight with Neo, we may presume that, since they didn’t all rush him at the outset, that most of the Smiths were infected on the spot as reinforcements during the fight. And the growth in the number of Smiths seemed to be geometric, rather than arithmatic, implying that all Smiths have the ability to infect, not just the original.

As for hacking: Once you know what vulnerabilities to exploit, it’s a simple mechanical process to exploit them. But finding the vulnerabilities in the first place takes a great deal of creativity. Unless the Terminator is coached on techniques by the “friendly” agents, assume that it can’t hack.