(T-)Shirt + Shakespeare = Shirtspeare

T-shirts with Shakespearean quotes.

I esp. like “He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.”

Wow, I find the design with the two different fonts incredibly annoying.

Needs more Edmund. “Now, gods, stand up for bastards!”

The design is horrible, and it’s not like the text is copyrighted so anybody can just make one of these for themselves at their favorite shirt spot with their choice of a quote that would end up looking better.

“Et tu Brute!”

Really? They couldn’t get the punctuation right on one of the most famous quotations?

Thought the same thing as Post 2; it’s a neat idea, but they want me to pay $25 for a T-shirt with a brutal design of a quote that’s in the public domain?

I’ll have one made up myself.

Or buy one after a performance of the local free Shakespeare company. That way, I’d know that my money was supporting the arts, and they’re still cheaper than what this site is charging.