Table skittles—anyone here ever play it?

While searching for bowling-related things, I came across this page. Immediately I remembered seeing this game in various movies and television shows, and vaguely wondering at the time what it was.

Upon reading the details, it looks like a rather fun game, and well-suited for spaces that are just slightly smaller than your average skittle alley—which would explain why it’s referred to by many as “bar skittles”.

Anyone here play it? How is it? Is it organized at any level, with tournaments and such? Does it have a similar following and organization as, say, darts or billiards?

I’ve only ever played it in a random “oh look, table skittles” manner.

It’s got nothing on Bar Billiards.

Allahu Akbar! I, too, am hijacking this thread in the name of Bar Billiards, which is a fun game to play. If you do not land this thread at Heathrow immediately, buy me a pint of something very much like Guinness, and play a round, you are a poxy wanker. Pip pip, cheerio, God Save the Queen.

And now for something completely different.

That doesn’t look anything like the Skittles table we have in the basement. Ours uses spinning tops that you launch with a string. I’ll see if I can find a link.

Here’s the version I own and it’s lots of fun.

Closer inspection of the link reveals that it will not be in stock until December 15, 2030, so I guess you can all come over here to play if you want.

To hijack this thread even more…

That’s the version we used to play. My friend bought one and it because a party staple for years. Even to the point that if someone made over a particular score (I forget how high) you got to sign the table.

Great fun for a bunch of drunks whipping the top across the room. I was also a great “make up extra rules as you play” game.

Oh, yes, that’s referred to at the site cited above as Table à Toupie or Toptafel (toward the middle of the page). Apparently the Carrom Corporation is responsible for calling it ‘Skittles’ since real skittles doesn’t exist with any great volume in the U.S.

Of course, I refer to “Devil Amongst the Tailors”—what a great name for a game. I don’t mind the hijacks, though. :slight_smile:

As a kid my brother and I received a Skittle Bowl game for Christmas. We found it was more fun to swing the wooden ball on the chain at each other.

kittenblue, I am thrilled that you posted. Played this with my brother 30 some years ago. I have his name in our family grabbag this year and guess what he’s getting. I’ve just ordered it.

spinning with delight. Can’t wait to play

racer, that’s an awesome link.

Really, I’m finding these alternate replies just as useful.

Awww, from the title I thought this game to something to do with the candy. I’m only disappointed because at parties, I always have too many skittles left over after dropping a couple into my smirnoff ice. I thought an impromptu game could be made out of the leftovers!

The bar billiards looks like fun, though. Never seen one in SoCal.