Tackier Lawn Patriotism

When I read this thread, I was reminded of a couple of lawn displays in my hometown, from about 6 or 7 months ago.

This was just before the start of the Iraq war, and during (and a little bit after).

In my drive home from where I work, I usually travel on a certain street (High Rd. – irrelevant detail except for my fellow Tallahasseeans). Soon after I my turn onto this street, there was a house with a large, hand-painted sign in the front yard, reading: “ATTACK IRAQ”.

A little later on, a sign popped up in another yard a bit further down the road – maybe a 1/4 mile. On this one was scrawled the phrase, “BOMB SADDAM”.

There seemed to be a common theme, both topically and poetically. So I started wondering if I should add a contribution of my own to the series. All I could think of was: “PANTS FRANCE”

(Not that my yard needed a giant tacky sign. If anything, it just needed mowing. ;))

[listens to the whistling wind]

[a tumbleweed blows by]

Oh well…

I would write “Use a 1920’s style “Death Ray” on France” but that is just me.

There was a church in Nashville, a couple of years ago, that had a model of a freakin’ missile in front of it, with the words

written on it.

Taco Morocco

I could understand a rocket (i.e. space exploration, etc). But a missile?! In front of a church?!

[shaking head, hoping that it was really just a rocket…]

Monstre, it looked just like a missile and not a rocket at all. Scary, no? The preacher probably had a gunrack in his pick up.

At a recent Dopefest in KC a bunch of GWB protesters showed up in the same park. A woman was walking around with a t-shirt that read “BUCK FUSH”. Here’s some more that just came to me:

Bake-a Jamaica
Screw Peru
Blame Canada (not original, it’s from South Park)
Ban Japan
Chill Brazil

“Slay Paraguay”
“Curb-ia Serbia”
“Obliterate UA Emirates”

Cease Greece

Snark Denmark

Delete Crete

Detain Ukraine

Unman Japan

Ban-ada Canada

Ban Iran

Flambé Paraguay.

Solder Qatar

Shake-up Jamaica

Crush-a Russia

The tumbleweed’s response was better…

Ooooh, I like this one!

Understand Uzbekistan! (must be the peacenik in me)
Get What’s Mine in Lichtenstein!
Slap the Hand of Switzerland!
I Peed’n Sweden!
FC the UK! (an anagram!)

From Canadian Bacon:
Release Honey pronto, or we’ll level Toronto