Taekwondo monkeys attack trainer

“Think we should teach the monkeys martial arts?”

“Why not? Sounds like a good show for the people, and what could go wrong?” :smack:
Taekwondo monkeys attack trainer

Clearly There Are Some Things Monkeys Were Not Meant to Know.

They Tampered in Sensei’s Domain.

The End??

“Hey – if people think monkeys are great, let’s teach Tae Kwon Do to Chimps!”

“No ---- Gorillas!!”

In the King Kong Super-Extended Director’s Cut, Kong floors the T. Rex with a Roundhouse Kick, followed by a Knife-Hand jab to the throat.

That photo with the article is pure gold.

Maybe the monkeys can pick up some extra cash working as Sheriffs Deputies in Lousiana ?

I didn’t do nutin. You cant arrest me…Holy shit is that Curious George ?

Gold Jerry, gold! :smiley:


So many wonderful ideas start with “what could go wrong?”

Sounds healthy to me. :rolleyes:

At least he didn’t make the monkeys wear pointed hats and placards bearing their crimes, like they did during the Cultural Revolution.

I have had it with these monkey fightin’ primates in this Monday to Friday play!

I always take a knife to a monkey fight myself…just to play it safe.

Did anyone notice the pic of the bears on that link ? One is punching another in the nuts !

Whats next, Kangaroos hitting each other over the head with beer bottles ? Spiders using banna peels on each other ?

It’s all fun and games until those monkeys start teaching other monkeys, then we’re toast.

I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out, but that’s pretty damn great too! :cool:

Is that this guy?

If it’s not, then what the heck is up with the Chinese teaching monkeys to kick our asses? Are their military recruitment numbers really low or something?

I think Steven Segal has opened an overseas training franchise…

I have loathed monkeys for as long as I can remember. It is comforting to know that now I have something I can point to as being a rationale.

“You see! You SEE how they are?!?”

Clearly it is time for a LOLMONKEEZ site.

When I read the thread title, I thought this would be one of the greatest stories I’ve heard in a while.
When I saw the photo, I knew this story is the best story EVER.


My god it’s like no one fucking saw Planet of the Apes.

This is how it will start. You just watch. Pretty soon we’re all gonna be wearing organ grinder costumes clanging cymbals together. Goddammit.