Take a jumbo shrimp...

Wrap it in bacon with a piece of jalepeno in there. Skewer and grill. A little splash of asian bbq sauce towards the end. Chase with beer. I love late summer.

Does the bacon get done before the shrimp is overcooked? I know I am overthinking it. Indulge me. That sounds lovely.

Your pardon, but I notice westerners have this penchant for combining bacon with anything aquatic (trout, salmon, shrimp, even squid at one time.)

Bacon, jalapeno and BBQ sauce? Can you even taste the shrimp??

In medium-high heat bacon toasts about as fast a shrimp cooks (7 minutes.) Just make sure the bacon insulates the shrimp.

I don’t analyze it to that degree. There’s enough grease from the bacon to insure adequate lubrication. :smiley: Alternatively, You could skewer the bacon, grill until crispy, add shrimp, finish grilling and slather with garlic chili sauce.

I recommend Huy Fong

Keep on Hippie and I am coming to visit.

If you are anywhere near Russellville, Dover, Big Piney Creek, I should bring my kayak and visit down there. In spring high water season of course.

Oh, see you are in southern AR. Previously mentioned destinations are NW.

Don’t be silly. It is applied equally to fish, foul and furry animals! We also like it in salads.

Well most folks here in the west Pacific appreciate the basic ingredient so much they don’t take to a lot of mixing. They’d sooner eat seafood raw than put in bacon.

Hey, there’s a ‘Big Piney creek’ near. No chance it’s the same one, I suppose? We could go seining for crawfish. I bet they’d be great wrapped in bacon.

We get bacon from a neighbor’s pig. It is very thick sliced. I microwave it in paper towels until it is “half done” then use it to wrap scallops which then go on the grill.

Jumbo shrimp

It’s like “military intelligence” - you just can DO things like that!

(from George Carlin’s* Toledo Window Box* album)

I should have mentioned the bacon wrapped shrimp is a component in a larger kabob situation. Usually shares the skewer with green pepper, onion and pineapple chunks. Doused with some peanut sauce and some asian style BBQ sauce after it’s pretty well cooked.

BBQ shrimp wrapped in bacon was a pretty common appetizer when I was a kid.

God, I am starving. Someone feed me.

And ice cream.

Also using “low sodium” bacon. Works fine for my purposes.

on the cheap wrap a water chestnut in the bacon… yum 1 of my kids wont eat seafood.

It’s a pretty safe bet, given any dish, that adding bacon will make it better.