Take a look at my new ride!

Well, I finally got rid of the Davemobile, with not a few tears shed. That car was very good to me.

But, without further ado, let me show you a picture of my NEW ride. :smiley:

My new wheels are absolutely awesome. And for the price I’m paying, they should be.

So, tell me what you think. It looks even better in person, by the way. :slight_smile:

Cool, man. AaronMobile.

sweetness… I was thinking about getting myself one of those… just in dark green… but I think I’ll get something else… Don’t want to be unoriginal

Nice Wheels. Enjoy.

If you guys only knew what I went through to get that car… they couldn’t get one, then they could, and then they couldn’t again. And then they could only get it in an automatic, which I’m still struggling to live with at the moment.

Oh, and in the meantime, my old car’s electrical system crapped out, so I needed to make that deal toot sweet. All in all, it was a close thing.

But I’m happy. And so is Robin, because now she can drive the monster, whereas before she wouldn’t have been able to due to it being a five-speed. :slight_smile:

But MAN, 140 horses on that bad boy! Traction control! Loaded! I’m like a little schoolboy with a new toy right now. :smiley:

I’m very happy that the old DaveMobile is no more. I’m also very happy that I can drive this car. It’s not that I can’t drive a five-speed, it’s just been a while. (Yeah! That’s it! ;))


Snazzy. I look forward to a ride tomorrow!

Cool AD. Enjoy the new wheels.

You put it on your DPP card?
:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved, loved, loved my Cavalier. I had a 2000 model. It’s great on gas, it’s comfortable, and it looked snazzy. Did I say I loved it? Stoopid having to sell it when I moved. Yay my parents bought it, and I drove it again while home visiting, and they’ll be driving it down here this month. Yay!

Congratulations! (Sniff) Our young Dave is all grown up! Wife, child, and snazzy new car all in the same year! And Robin will look much better in that than in the Dave Mobile. (Which I also had one of, coincidentally. 95 LX model).

Booyeah, AD. Just last night I drove off the lot with my new ride, a 2002 Grand Am GT1. I gotta say, going from a 1.8 liter four-cylinder to a 3.4 liter V6 is one hell of a change.

Now I’m trying to come up with excuses to go run errands. I’m sure you are too. :wink:

Pretty slick, Dave. Although, not as cool as my truck.

Although, it’s kinda hard to keep up something that drinks more than you do . . .

All this car talk is making me feel strangly inadaquate.

One day I’ll have to figure out what liters have to do with cars…

I used to work in the plant where they build those. I started right around the time they did the model change-over in '95 - which was when this version of the Cavalier and the Sunfire came to be. She’s a good little vehicle.


Wow, I never knew Cavaliers cost that much.

Is not just ANY Cavalier. Is LS model. Very cool, with lotsa standard features.

This car is sooooooo loaded it has features I haven’t even discovered yet. And I got it for a song. An $18,000 car for less than $12, 000. I just COULDN’T pass that up, automatic or not.

Also, I was just pimpin’ through town a little while ago. All the honeys were on my stuff. Man, I coulda been diggin’ in some prim…


Good thing Robin knows I love her or she’d kick my ass. :wink:


Um, sweetheart, of course I know you love me. That’s why you’re going to have a baby seat in your car. :smiley:


What perfect timing, because I need a ‘little’ help moving. Nice wheels, enjoy.

Wow! I almost bought a '95 Cav NEW in '95 - just a regular Cavalier, not an LS. Sticker price on it then was in the $13,500 range. You got a STEAL! Good job, Dave!

I’m afraid my new Mazda Protege 5 is somewhat cooler than yours.

Still, yours is almost as cool as mine.