Take a look at the first pics of our new two week old kittens.

I know it’s a little early to be taking pics of them, but I didn’t handle them too long, and they are so perfect.

I hope this calico guy survives, typically only one survives out of a litter

We do try to feed the pregant mothers, but being farm cats few survive. I especially like the Black Calico All the cats we have right now are holstein coloured. Holstein colours are fine for one or two cats, but are boring if that is all you have.

Aw! They’re adorable!

Hopefully they’ll all reach adulthood without any trouble. :slight_smile:

Awwww! I just got my adorable kitten fix. Thanks. I’ll be rooting for all of them.

(Oh, and if it’s a calico, it’s probably not a guy.)

I’ve heard that male calico’s are rare/sterile, but I use the word “guy” to refer to basically anything with a pulse.

I’ve also heard that orange female cats are rare, but we have a beautiful orange long hair female cat. We tried to mate her with a couple of orange males, but she wouldn’t submit to authority (she got beat up so bad that we had to take her inside, she was a stray btw) so we haven;t had very many orange cats on our farm for a few years.

We got our first orange cat (a fine young tom) last year from our own genetic material. We took special care of it over the last winter (it hit -50 here), and hopefully in a couple of years it will start breeding.

Actually, you SHOULD handle kittens at least 15 minutes a day from the day they’re born. It helps them get used to the idea that humans are part of their lives, and it socializes them towards humans.

Besides, how can you resist playing with little fuzzy babies?

Sorry, Logitech, I use guy as a generic, too. Didn’t mean to get picky. Expecially with kittens.

Still cute.

Check out the best of our genetics from a period of about five or more years.

For some reason everyone thought that these (kittens kittens were ccrosseyed were cute, the crossed eyes creeped me out big time. We eventually gave them away to the pet store because we had too many cats running around the farm.

This cat was our best mother, she grew up, had kittens of her own (an exaple of her genetics


I don’t understand why you say typically only one kitten out of the litter survives. This is not the case in most batches of kittens I’ve witnessed, though I have never raised kittens myself. Do kittens typically have a high mortality rate, or are there special circumstances with this litter that I missed?

Hope yer kitties ALL live!