Taking bets...how much lower can E! go for ratings?

I admit it…we watch The Anna Nicole Show. Haven’t missed an episode.

I also look up gore photos on the internet and tie up traffic trying to get a look at who got messed up in the accident. All part and parcel.

This evening’s episode was capped off by Anna and Bobby Trendy sucking their refreshing beverages through penis nipples. Fully visible on camera, the only blurring was of the name of the product they were imbibing.

In other words, Anna and Bobby were sucking plastic dicks.

So…how much lower do you supposed E! is prepared to go?

(I am not offended, and if I were no one would believe me anyway, given my prefesssion. I’m just… amazed.)

I shudder to think. I can’t even watch the ads for TANSS anymore. Completely tasteless garbage. Can anyone say “whore”?

This is so weird.

I hate when the board goes kablooey.

I don’t think TANSS is any worse then The Howard Stern Show whose sole reason for exisiting is to shock. Unfortunately for Howard, the shock value wears thin after you see (insert pornstars name here) interviewed and get badgered by Howard to get naked.

I want to know what the fuck happened to Talk Soup? Was it killed off because there really aren’t that many talk shows on the air these days?

E! lost me when I saw the ads for SteveO videos. He happened be in a film class a few years ago i took a few years ago and he was stone crazy then.