Anna Nicole Show On E

Why does ANS treat her lawyer Howard Stern and Assistant Kimmy, like they are her Servants - At Her Beck And Call. Maybe the Ass’t who has to see to ANS needs, but the Lawyer. She treats both of them like S***, who needs that from an employer?

I just don’t get it, I don’t get the appeal of working for an employer - much less ANS who treats them badly.

I have surfed to the ANS Show and everytime I see it, ANS is Bitching Out one of them.


I think Stern’s just waiting for her to get her money from her ongoing legal battles with Pierce Marshall. That’s the only reason he puts up with her crap.

Kimmy has a very big crush and Anna Nicole.

Those are my theories and I’m sticking with them.

Because Anna is Sterns meal ticket.

You’re all correct!

Oh, brother, that show is such a train wreck.

I can’t decide whether she’s stoned or just stone stupid. In reality it’s probably some strange combination of the two.

So why must I pause for a moment or two when I flip by and it’s on?!? Argh!

Could be worse…

It could be Bobby Trendy…


God, I cannot stand Bobby Trendy! That simpering, petulant queen is the epitome of every antigay stereotype combined into one quivering, marshmallowy, sequin-covered trollop. He is the gay Stepin Fetchit.

Teach him to play the piano and turn him into the next Liberace!

Best description of him I have seen—he is über-nelly.

The show is flawless “point-and-laff” TV; everyone is so . . . dysfunctional. “She’s so outrageous?” My dictionary defines “outrageous” as “going beyond all standards of what is right or decent; deficient in propriety or good taste.” She is so outrageous!

The episode with the blind date who kept saying “Mrs. Anna Nicole” after every sentence was pretty fucking funny though.

Every time I have the misfortune to stumble on the show I am reminded of the Pre-Victorian (?) practice of opening lunatic asylums so that the populace could be amused by the antics of the crazed, demented and psychotic inmates. Maybe Miss Smith’s show is just the modern equivalent of a tour of Bedlam?

That guy was so creepy, World Eater.

Anna was such a pig on that date. She’s an affront to women everywhere.

She was quite hungry that night too. Sushi, ribs, etc.

I hope they give us an update on him. :stuck_out_tongue:

WHO? :confused:

Gah, I don’t watch that stupid trainwreck anymore. BTW, am I the only one who thinks Anna’s boffing both Stern and Kimmy behind the scenes?

I feel so bad for her son, though.

Check out ol’ Stepin…

Stepin Fetchit (real name Lincoln Perry) was an African American comedian whose shambling gait and mushmouthed speech made his name synonymous with the stereotyped slow-witted, obsequious, shufflin’ “coonery” of early films.

I saw the thread title “Anna Nicole Show On E” and thought: “Yup, that’s the only way I’d watch it”…

Ah, yes, I see.

He was also one of the first–if not the first–black actors to become a millionaire. I recall a quote attributed by Hattie McDaniels, “I can be a maid for $5 a week, or play one for $50 a week.”

He taught Muhammad Ali the “Anchor Punch” that he used to, um, “knock out” Sonny Liston in Ali-Liston II. He also had a son who went nuts and committed several murders in Pennsylvania before committing suicide.