Tales of the Sweaty, Feculent Herd (long)

Truly, the pantheon has opened its narrow ranks to welcome a worthy newcomer, the Tales of the Sweaty, Feculent Herd.


Instead of being a transportation engineer - I’ll be addressed as Farmer from now on! Just be glad you didn’t have to take Transportation Planning classes. Also known as Shepherding. :smiley:

HEEEEE!!! Classic!


“Loins” never fails to make me giggle. I think perhaps the next time I say “excuse me” and intend the other meaning, I’ll actually say it the other way. Ah, if only I had Buffy’s Mr. Pointy!

I laughed, I cried, I read this:

I frowned, I substituted the word “Moses” for “Jesus”, I smiled, I laughed again, I copied the link into an email and sent it to my fellow London commuters…



I’m almost positive Jesus did something on a Mount. Maybe it wasn’t in Israel though. Maybe it was France.

(Dante wanders off to read Matthew again…)

Yeah, I dreamed about that once … wouldn’t that be great?

Not that I would use such powers unwisely, no sir.

Nice story.

Masterfully done, Signore.

The Muses have smiled upon thee!

How do I subscribe to get a notification next time Dante posts in the pit? After this and the Insurance one - I don’t want to miss any :slight_smile:

May I reprint this in Teemings Extras?

Absolutely. I’m honoured to join the ranks.