Talk about avoiding reality.

I’m deliberately not using the OP of the linked threads name because this is not about him, it’s about the response and just in case the vacation isn’t real or when he returns he does a vanity search I’m trying to avoid having this be one of the first things he sees.

laina_f, this annoys me enough to create a pit thread. He’s not leaving because horrible people hounded him, he’s taking a break because he realizes (even if you don’t) that his response was out of proportion and he needs to get his medical situation a bit more controlled to interact in this environment.

No matter how much every tries to pander to a thread he’s in, if his meds aren’t controlling his emotional state ANY post can be detrimental simply because he disagree’s with what’s posted or misreads something.

There are a lot of things we can do to make it possible for him to continue to interact here with his friends for as long as possible but ignoring reality is not one of them.

I’m certainly not annoyed by him, but some of his supporters piss me the hell off.

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It’s very hard to understand what you’re talking about here, with no context. The link didn’t work, either.

Are you talking about Quasi?

Link still doesn’t work, so we all remain (probably fortunately) in the dark.

Link worked for me. She’s talking about Quasi.

Your feelings might be justified, but I don’t see anything in the linked post to suggest anyone is trying to ignore reality. I think people should cut him a break. There’s nothing wrong with other Dopers stepping in when there’s a problem and saying, “Before you get mad at this guy, consider his circumstances.” It’s not like we’re whispering behind his back or anything. These kinds of interventions are inevitably followed by, “Hey, man, you need to take a step back.” And Quasi listens when we do this.

So yeah, I’m not seeing the outrage.

I understand the pitting. The poster in question is given a lot of latitude- far more than anyone else- due to a medical condition, and possible side effects from medication. If the medications are taken.

Plenty of members here have their share of medical problems and don’t get a blank cheque. And there are probably quite a few more who do not wish to publicise any underlying medical condition.

However, attention seeking on the board is hardly unusual.

Again, I would need to see a clear example of this to really give an informed opinion.

I wouldn’t say its outrage, but I’m not sure what laina_f thinks she’s going to acheive. You’ll pardon me for saying so, but Quasi proving over and over that dementia makes you incoherent and randomly angry is not an earthshaking ignorance fighting revelation. If participating on the Dope is not adding to his wellbeing, he shouldn’t do it. If it is adding to his wellbeing, but only because its an outlet for his random ire, I’m not sure he needs a herd of white knights to protect him from being told he’s acting like an asshole at those times when he is acting like an asshole. But for leeway given for his problems Quasi would have been banned 100 times over for insulting outbursts clearly in violation of our community standards.

Dementia is not a free pass to fling poo. Having cancer is not a free pass to fling poo. Having diabetes is not a free pass to fling poo. There is no free pass to fling poo. We have posters with severe depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and other incredibly serious diagnoses which constantly affect your judgement, who manage to conduct themselves in an ordinary and unoffensive manner. We have people who are arguably quite sane, who flip out and have to be banned. If you can’t participate according to the Dope’s extremely minimal standards of decent behavior then you can’t participate.

For example AHunter3 makes no secret of his intentionally untreated diagnoses. Where’s the “protect the poor delusional schizophrenic from the meanies” club? Oh, it doesn’t exist because AHunter3 is able to manage his own behavior, and take his lumps when they come.

I was lurking when the dust-up occurred. I was torn when it happened, and I still am.

On one hand, I agree with mhendo. If you decide to play with the big boys and make a point to everyone about treating you like everyone else, then that means you need to be prepared for someone to take you up on that and not play the “how dare you!” card when the kitchen gets too hot. Especially when you come out guns ablazing. If you can dish it out, you need to be able to take it. (Can I mix any more metaphors?)

On the other hand, I thought mhendo went for the jugular with the “stupid ole man” insult. Just 'cause you can say something doesn’t mean you should.

Personally, I wouldn’t want people handling me with kid gloves. It would be frustrating because, sure, while no one is going to give me a hard time for being “wrong”, no one will listen to me when I’m right either. It seems to me that Quasi really wants to be listened to and the cool thing is that people do . But even the nicest people have their limits.

That’s true, but these medical problems are not both (1) progressive and (2) terminal and (3) changing the very fabric of who you are as a person. Never mind the fact that it’s early onset, and never mind the fact that the support of members here is clearly extremely important to him.

What is happening to him can happen to any of us, and will happen to some of us. Personally, I find that chilling, and the inspiration of watching him fight the good fight outweighs any annoyance I feel at his posts by a factor of about a bajillion, give or take.

ETA, having seen monstro’s post, that if I’m honest I also factor that into my opinion on how I read and react to what he posts. I think that’s inevitable, though I hope it’s not so patronizing as “kid gloves”.

ETA 2: I’m not sure about whether schizophrenia is both progressive and terminal, so I may be wrong with the main point. No time to look it up before the edit window closes.

Schizophrenia can be progressive. I have heard it described as a neurodegenerative disorder–though I’m not sure this is accurate for most schizophrenics. There are folks for whom the disease is a chronic life-long condition, others for whom it comes and goes, and still some others for whom it came and went, never to return.

Goddamn it. Now what am I supposed to do with this bucket of poo? :dubious:

Now I’m curious - I wasn’t exactly keeping track of Quasimodem’s behaviour, or even taking any particular note that there was a Quasimodem, so what are some of his more outrageous posts?

Anyone who feels I’ve missed the point of this thread by asking is free not to respond.

Put it in the storage room along with the bucket of cunts and motherfuckers you can’t use.

Yeah, this.

And also what Dr Drake said. There but for the grace of Og go we.

ETA: Nice one, billfish! Now that is a mental image.

Um, you don’t want to store your cunts in the same bucket as the motherfuckers. They’ll react spontaneously, and it’s ugly.

I respond to words, just words. I don’t care who is posting, their personality, their previous posts, their demonstrated POVs, nothing,… just the current words on the page.

No, I gotta agree. I don’t frequent all parts of this board, so I have no idea what happened where or when.

Quasi threatened mhendo with physical violence in the Pit when they had a disagreement. No warning issued, of course.

He did the same thing in an ATMB thread a while back. He even posted his personal infomation so the other guy (not mhendo) could come fight him (the information was removed).