Talk me out of doing this

After much thought, decided NOT to spend $250 for a limited edition (with stupendous artwork) of “A Game of Thrones”, GRR Martin’s first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

  1. I already have a “normal” copy of the book.

  2. Only rarely do limiteds rise in value

  3. There will be 5 more, meaning if I get them all, that’s $1,500 for 6 books.

  4. I might not even live to see them all published

  5. $1,500 would buy a lot of regular books

Then a good friend says go for it, you only live once, you’ve wasted money on dumber things. <insert icon of me with dumbfounded, betrayed expression>

I need someone to tell me how stupid and wasteful this would be. Rain on the parade, pee in the Post Toasties.

Its a wonderful thing to spoil yourself once in a while and buy something you really WANT as opposed to really NEED. I know I dont do it enough because as soon as I think I will, the practical side comes into play. Go for it and live a little… and if all else fails… ask Santa for it. This is something you seem to really want!!

I am me… accept it or not.

Obviously this is completely dependent on the kind of disposable income you have, but here are some things that might help.

First: shed yourself of the notion that you will ever recover any money from this book. Most likely you will keep it for the rest of your life (thats what people do with collectibles, right?) So financially its not any different than just burning the money.

Second: How much enjoyment will you really get out of having this book? As much as you would from reading ten new books?

Third: What is the aesthetic value it can add to your home? I mean, its just one book. ‘How much do you care about aesthetic value?’ is another question.

Fourth: Wouldn’t you rather just have $250 worth of beer and potato chips?

I’ve always found that the only books you regret are the ones you DON’T buy.

I get a great deal of pleasure out of my rarities, some of which duplicate books I already have in reading copies.


It sounds like you are already having guilt over something you haven’t bought yet. Buying it will not make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, you will really kick yourself in the ass later on.

Instead, hold off and resist the impulse. Pay off a major bill ( yeah, not as gratifying, but still satisfying.) or [fontsize=1]buy me something [/font]treat yourself to a day at the spa.

Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.

Dang, so much for subliminal mind games…argh…

Thanks, guys.

I’m gonna compromise – or put it in the hands of fate, whatever.

The plan is to return to the website in a week, and if any subscriptions are left, I’ll get one. If not, then it was a bad idea.

There’s gotta be a word for this kind of decision making process.


Whenever I’ve bought big on books (alliteration!!) it’s been because the books themselves are just expensive, not because they’re limited edition specially illustrated signed copies etc. It feels better that way, than buying a special version of a book I’ve already got.

Having said that, George Martin’s Ice and Fire is one hell of a series, so…

If you can, then do. What the heck. If it turns out you don’t buy the rest of the series in Special Editions, then maybe you can sell it to another collector and make a profit!

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