Talking Rodents and Nude Male Dancers

Which came first, Chip & Dale, the Disney characters, or the Chippendales, the all male revue? Did one company sue the other for copyright infringement? And where is the original Chippendale? I’m assuming it’s a town in England someplace.

Don’t forget the antique furnishing style… The animated cartoon antedates the dancers by many years. Don’t know about lawsuits.

The popularization of the term “Chippendale” comes from Thomas Chippendale, a famous English furniture maker (1740-1779).

From The History of Furniture:


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

Disney clearly was punning on the famous furniture maker.

I dunno why the male strip joint picked that name.

I am suddenly gripped with a huge nostalgia for Fearless Fosdick…

Anyone else remember the deathless episodes where he matched wits with the deviously criminal Chippendale Chair?


I missed that one; but I’m ROFLMAO at the very idea of Fosdick matched against someone with an intellect as defective as his own.