Who designed this mid-century chair?

The only clue I can find is a number, ‘66’. On the bottom.

I have a feeling it may be a Danish designer.

It does look reminiscent of a Farstrup chair but I can’t find an exact match.

Like every chair of that era, it looks like an Eames to me.

It’s not an exact match, but the chair in the OP resembles this Kosuga dining chair.

The Eameses didn’t do much in wood, and even then, when wood was used, it was always laminated. Fritz Hansen was another laminated wood designer, although he used metal frames and legs. This chair has a token bit of laminated wood - the back. The seat looks to be a simple slab of flat plywood, and the rest is ordinary lumber. It does have the design elements of the Farstrup, and matches the design in terms of materials and construction, however I suspect it is a copy of the general design rather than a genuine Farstrup. I’m pretty sure I have seen these chairs about here in Oz. One distinctive design element is the shape of the back, which is clearly different to the best known Farstrup, the oval back chair.