Tanya Tucker Song - background vocalist?

Howdy and hey there, country music fans.

On Tanya Tucker’s song “Strong Enough To Bend” there is a female featured background vocalist whose voice I know I know. Trouble is, there is not quite enough of her singing for me to make a definite identification, and I can’t seem to find a Tucker discography that lists background vocalists.

Does anyone have this on an album or cd who can check for me before I lose my marbles trying to ID?

Is there a chance it could be Beth Nielsen-Chapman?

According to All Music Guide, the following females are listed as doing background vocals on Tanya’s Strong Enough To Bend album:

Beth Nielsen Chapman
Carol Chase
Jessica Boucher
Diane Vannette
Katerina Kittridge

There is no indication as to which one sang on which track, but since Beth Nielsen Chapman is credited as one of the songwriters for Strong Enough To Bend, I’d put my money on her.

Thanks! I was leaning to Emmylou Harris, but I see that can’t be the case. Now I have to go listen to this Beth person and see if it’s her.

(And thanks for the link, Kepi - that’ll come in handy!)