Tapatalk Like Button

As per the thread title, earlier today is was still there. Now it’s vamoosed. Did you guys do away with it? Because I’m seeing no recent update and I’m wondering if there were complaints. Little help please?

I’m not aware of any changes on the SDMB side of things.

And now it’s back. Go figure. Thanks for your help though. Always.

It wasn’t just you. I noticed the same thing today. I just chalked it up to Tapatalk being as annoying as Tapatalk usually is.

Undoubtedly true. Glad I wasn’t alone in The Vanishing. :stuck_out_tongue:

What Tapatalk like button?

(nobody ever tells me anything. grumble, grumble grumble.)

You know how you tap on a post to be able to quote it? There’s a “like” option stuck in there too.

Well, there is again now.

And what, exactly, does it do? On a forum like this, for instance, which has absolutely no like/+1 system.

It’s like a switch on the dashboard that connects to the non-existent seat heaters. (One that apparently phases in and out of existence, but that utterly pales beside the fundamental uselessness of the thing.)

Button like Tapatalk, too.
Tapatalk leave number, have lunch with Button sometime?

On Tapatalk, it likes posts. You know, for others who use Tapatalk to see that someone liked a particular post. That’s it. Just a little show of support (or bemusement or solidarity or xxxxxxx) for whoever is out in Tapatalk Land to notice if they so wish.

Shrug. Fun for me and not hurting anyone else.

All you folks talking about Tapatalk might want to mention what version on what platform. FWIW my Tapatalk (v2.0.1.50 on WinPhone 8.1) has no “like” feature.

Tapatalk 5.4.8 on Android Lollipop 5.0.2.

I have a like button.

Version 5.5 here on an iPhone 6.

I need a like button