Target bookcase shelf pegs... where to get more?

In our recent move from Ohio to Massachusetts, some of these pegs apparently didn’t make the journey. We now have several bookcases with an unusable shelf because the pegs are missing. Target says they can’t get, sell, order, or do any other useful thing for us.

Anyone have other ideas? They’re a specific size and shape so I’d like to get something very similar…

Any kind of large hardware stores nearby?(OSH, Lowe’s, Home Depot.)

Or if you can find dowels that small and cut to length.

If they look like these, most hardware stores sell them

I’d go to a Mom&Pop hardware store first over the big guys, but either way, look in the odd hardware section in the little parts drawers. That’s little parts in drawers, not little drawers of parts, BTW. They are usually a gold mine of obscure crap you’d never think of being able to find.

Lowe’s may have them; I don’t know about Dome Hepot. I say go to the little guys first, because I’ve had better luck finding that stuff at the small stores.

Also, when you go to Home Cheapo or Lowe’s or wherever, be sure to bring a peg with you so you can hold it next to the peg(s) you’re thinking of purchasing and check the length, pin diameter, etc. to be sure they all match.

JFLuvly: no, they’re all metal.

I doubt wood dowels as small as these pegs are would be strong enough for what we put on the shelves.

I will take one of the pegs into a Home Depot or something, I guess.

I hate to recommend doing anything illegal, but…

This happened to me and I went to Target and stole the pegs off shelves that were being displayed in the store.

My Ace Hardware had them yesterday when I was there. Maybe yours does.
They list several kinds online, my store had 3 of the kinds.

Oooooh, these look like them:
Prime Line® Shelf Support Pegs
Thanks misling!

Shelf pegs are standard items at all Lowe’s, Home Depot, and probably Ace Hardware stores.

We had to replace some of my mother’s shelf pegs, and discovered that shelf pegs come in two different diameters. Only Home Depot had the ones she needed, not her local hardware store which had about 8 other styles all in the wrong diameter. Make sure you bring one of your old ones in with you or measure it carefully.