Tattoo art

Maybe I’m not being clear. I don’t mean radioactive metals, and I don’t mean the “flourescent” inks that look like hi-liter markers.

Have you ever gone to a Six Flags theme park, and gotten your hand stamped upon leaving? It doesn’t look like anything is there, until you go back into the park; then they hold your hand under a black light, and the stamped shape is suddenly visible. That’s the kind of ink I’m talking about.

Suze… as soon as I get some film developed… I’ll send ya some pics… :slight_smile:

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

I have a celestial scene on my right upper back near the shoulder (sun, moon, stars, planet, clouds); a butterfly on my left lower leg (the first tat and I like it least); a big dragon on my upper left butt(gawd, that hurt!), a circlet of flowers around my left wrist; and my favorite - a black dragon on my left upper arm, with my real name in Chinese characters.

black rose on left shoulder blade, Chinese ideogram for dragon (doubled, in red) on right shoulder blade, three small stars on left elbow, another ideogram for dragon on right forearm, and a security tattoo on left ribcage

What is a security tattoo?

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

I have the regimental crest of the Fifth Cavalry Regiment superimposed on a cavalry flash on my right shoulder; just beneath that are a dragon’s eye and claw "tearing through my bicep and forearm, respectively.

<FONT COLOR=“BLUE”>"…and 'ware the drake…"</FONT>

Andrea: sorry, I meant the ideogram for “security” / “safety” / “protection” - can be interpreted several ways. I’m thinking of having the ideogram for “tranquility” put on the other side

LOL… Ok, Ralf… I thought there was some new style I hadn’t caught on to…<G>

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

What would you have thought if I had said it was my blood group I had tattooed on my left side?

Blood group? :blank look: Like O-negative?

Yes, I am a brat…and it’s hard work!!

Yin-Yang about the size of a dime on my left shoulder.

I’ve had it for about 14 years now. The color isn’t really fading, but it is blurring a little. Guess my skin is stretching out or something.

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

I’ve got a nice “666” tatooed on my scalp just under the hairline.

Actually, I didn’t do it. My mom had it tatooed on when I was just a little kid, and I don’t remember it.

I tried getting more details from her, but she always looks furtive and then starts to cry when I ask. Then she locks her door.

Yosemite Sam on my left shoulder (Sam is my real name), snake on my right shoulder, a red Imperial dragon on my left forearm, a parrott on my inner left forearm, and a black cat walking in front of the pyramids on my right forearm.

As far as battleships turning into jello, the ink used today is supposed to prevent this from happening. My dragon is about 8 years old and is as sharp and brilliant as the day I got it. Not bad since red is usually the first color to go, and the fact that it’s on my left forearm, the one that hangs out the car window.

I have a girly, tribal thing encircling my left ankle.

I just completed my second laser treatment to remove it. Can you say YE-OUCH?!

Sue…with a painful, oozing ankle.

I almost let myself get talked into a zig-zag man while in jail in California; I’m glad I didn’t do it. In case you don’t know jailhouse tatoos are (or where, three decades ago) all green(ish).

i Have a red/orange/yellow sun on my right shoulder/upper arm.My first but not the last

Viva La Dos Equis!