Tattoo art

I am curious the types of tattoos the Dopers have.

I have a colored tile mosaic skull on my right shoulder.

My SO wants to get an Ankh but also wants a celtic type knot inside of the outline, i’m looking for something similar as a picture, and then will redraw to modify it.

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I have a starbust on my left shoulder. It’s difficult to describe…sort of an 8-pointed star (4 long, 4 short) with a crescent around the center. All black, mesures about 4 inches across the longest points.

On my left arm, a stylized chef’s hat with a banner and the words, “Born to Whisk.”

Okay, not really.

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What’s the attraction with tats anyways?

Chef! You are now responsible for the dry cleaning bill I’m going to have for spitting coffee all over this silk blouse!

Love the tattoo Chef! I am fascinated by tattoo’s. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything I would want on my body for life, so I just do the temporary ones. Also the temporary ones don’t fade in color and they wash off before I have a chance to get bored with them.

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Orange/ yellow sun with a dragon in the foreground on right shoulder.

Unfortunately, someone pointed out to me about 7 years later that it bore an amazing resemblance to the 'Mortal Combat’logo.

I did get it long before MC came out, but I still feel like a doofus whenever someone points it out. Not that often, but still…

I have an armband that in the center has two squirrels facing towards a celtic know pentagram in the center. On the back of my arm I have a continuous triangular tiled celtic knot. I am going to go back and get the band outlined with a tree and some acorns eventually. :slight_smile: Oh, currently it is about 2.5 inches in heighth and goes all the way around my arm. It will be even thicker after I get the band outlines with the trees.

Tattoos are fun. The best thing is that they tend to freak out the mundanes. :slight_smile:


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the problem with tattoos is, even if you find one you’ll love forever (haha) , it’s only going to look that way for 20 years. if you’re young, by the time you’re 40, your battle ship has turned into a bowl of blue jello pudding.

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This is easier: Some of these are my husbands, or Andrea’s (Witewytch).

Metroshane: those tattoos on old navy guys look bad because well, they didn’t keep them from the sun (with sunblock or clothes), and the ink has degraded from the UV rays. I’ve seen seven year old tattos that are still bright and unfaded.

I have a sun w/ a kind of elongated v-shaped tribal design underneath it. It’s all black and on my lower back. OK, it doesn’t sound that neat from the description, but it looks very cool.

I have a Pirate Treasure Map right across my back.

Nah, just kidding. Really, it’s a picture of Darth Maul sitting on the toilet.

Hehe, no honestly, it’s a British Fox Hunt, with the fox disappearing down the crack of my butt.

Okay, truthfully, what I have is one arm covered in tiger stripes, and the other covered in leopard spots.

Nope, wrong again. It’s a series of metal plates down my spine, so I look like a cyborg.

(as you can tell, I don’t have any tattoos at all. Some good ideas, though…)

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We discussed something about tattoos recently, didnt we? Anyway, here are mine:

On my right ankle, I have a ring of red roses and green vines. Above that, on the right side of my ankle, I have a sort of Persian cat face. On the left side of my ankle I have a Ragdoll type cat (whole body).

On my left shoulderblade, I have a hummingbird hovering over some flowers and right beneath that I have the Chinese symbol for love.

The hummingbird design is about 10 years old. It looks as good as the day I got it, as I never go out into the sun, and my shoulderblade isn’t prone to much stretching due to weight loss and aging. My ankle designs are much younger and although they get more exposure to the sun when I run about in shorts, they still look great.

I would still like to get one more tattoo before I am done.

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Ok…two of mine are on Suze’s page (the dragon on the globe,and the celtic cross).

I also have several small ones not worth describing, Celtic triangle on my spine between my shoulderblades, Bettie Page on my left shoulderblade, Harley wings on my right shoulderblade.

The Harley wings are almost 20 yrs old, and the lines and colors are still good,mostly. The yellow needs retouching, but other than that it still looks good :slight_smile:

My next one is gonna be a double-headed Celtic dragon across my lower back.

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Andrea, I still haven’t seen Betty, dammit. Send pictures. :slight_smile:

Can they do a tattoo in flourescent ink? I’m talking about the stuff that is invisible in normal light, but glows under a UV lamp.

Mine is the Eye in the Pyramid, only with tears coming down, a la the comic book Dawn. My next is going to be an angel on my left shoulder and demoness on my right. (A Malakim and a Lilim for anyone that knows the RPG In Nomine)
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The inks they use in tattooing are usually metal-based…although there are plenty of metals that glow in the dark, there aren’t any I’d want to put under my skin.

Can you spell “cancer”…

There are flourescent inks but unfortunately a lot of people seem to be allergic to these inks. I’ve seen one on this Japanese guy, but he was the only one (it was a pic). Most tattooists steer clear of them.