Tattooes you can't see

Why would someone get a tattoo you can’t look at? IMO, it defeats the purpose/isn’t as much fun.

Some people worry about what other people will think so they get an invisible tattoo. Only certain people know its there and there is no risk of attracting the attention of the police or making a bad impression in a job interview. Doctors only charge half price to remove them so that is another bonus.

Don’t my baby look good in them blue jeans?
Tight on the top with a belly button ring
A little tattoo somewhere in between
She only shows to me

“Whiskey Girl” - Toby Keith

Rule #46 - Never get a tattoo where a judge can see it.

Who is “you”? The tattooee, or the public?

I thought it was both, tattoos done with invisible ink rather than standard ink so that only you, the artist, and the people you choose to tell know it is there. It is a good idea for many and solves several of the problems associated getting tattoos at all. You can still admire it all you want but people won’t judge you for it unless you describe what it looks like to them by tracing it with your finger.

When you say invisible ink, do you mean ink that only shows in UV light?

By ‘a tattoo you can’t see’ I assume you mean that the tattoo-ee can’t see, because of the location, correct?

Because you want other people to see it, and you think it will look best someplace where you can’t. Or because what you want done is too big to fit anywhere but your back, or is not thematically appropriate elsewhere.

Or because you want one, but want the option to cover it up. If an interviewer can see your butt-tattoo, you’re probably interviewing for a position where having such is not a disadvantage.

This is what I’m thinking - when I googled invisible tattoo ink, most of the results were for this.

This seems really cool to me - get a tattoo that (mostly) isn’t visible when I’m at work or with family, but go somewhere with black light and I have a dragon on my shoulder.

This is what I meant by “tattoo you can’t see”.

All but one of my tattoos can be easily covered with clothing. I like having the option of looking professional when I need to - and being able to play biker-bitch-from-hell with my full-leg tatoo when I want to.

Depending on how I’m dressed, I have tattoos that “you can’t see”. I have to be in a tank top or really short shorts/skirt for any of it to be obviously showing, and the average t-shirt and shorts will keep me fully covered; however, I am reasonably heavily tattooed for the average person. Why make it all easily covered, you ask? 1) Though I work in a field that has a wide range of acceptance with tattooing, it’s still not considered professional to have it on display all the time. 2) I like the option of displaying or not displaying the work, as I frequently get questions when it is on display. 3) Sometimes larger pieces require being done in a way that makes them more easily covered. One of my tattoos is a large flurry of snowflakes, which would be difficult to do on the scale that I have it in an area that isn’t mainly my torso or thighs.

Like SnakesCatLady said, it’s fun to have that option-- in the office, I’m professional, but at the beach, I’m a whirlwind of color.

That sounds awesome.

My wife’s tattoo she can barely see (lower back) but she knows it’s there. I get to see it all the time :smiley: I put mine on the back of my shoulderblade. It’s inconspicuous, and I can see it if I want.

Whenever I think of UV tatoos, I think ofimage #4, here. I think that’s a clever use of UV ink.

I’m fully tattooed in a short suit. The tattoo ends at my elbows, knees, and collar with a traditional break down the front center of the body. In normal business attire, even short sleeves, it is completely invisible. I like it that way. the art is for me, and if i choose to show it off it is at my discretion to do so. I like being able to listen to the hipsters bragging on about their tiny tattoos on their forearms and lifting the side of my shirt up to shut them right up.:eek:

I’ve heard the term “sleeve” for this type of tattoo on the arm, is the term “pantleg” used to describe this kind of tattoo?

I asked about ultra violet ink in this threadand the general consensus then was it is a bad idea. The woman in the thread ignored the advice, but could not find a local artist who would use it.

There’s a judge down here in Houston, Texas with nearly a full sleeve. I think that’s how you say it.

He’s known to be somewhat lenient on bikers and tattoo artists, both of which Houston(and surrounding areas) seems to have more than its fair share of.

I believe I have only ever heard the term “leg sleeve”, as strange as it sounds.

Among others, I have one that’s probably 7-8 inches in diameter in between my shoulder blades. It can only be seen by others with a couple of summer shirts I wear, and can only be seen by me in a mirror. Doesn’t matter. That’s where it looks the best, whether I see it all the time or not.

Sometimes they get tattoos in places that they only show to special people. Apparently, it’s supposed to be “special”.

I have very negative feelings about tattoos. Many moons ago, I was getting amorous with a young lady and when I got her peeled down to bare skin, I found a tattoo. I got up, got dressed and got out.